Now Jaipurites Can Learn from 300+ Courses at Home: Qriyo

Do you know that a Jaipurite can now learn 300+ courses sitting at the comfort of his house? The credit of launching this innovative service goes to Qriyo, a start-up launched by two IITians, Rishabh Jain and Mudit Jain.

mudit jain

The word ‘Qriyo’ is derived from the Hindi word ‘Kriya’ which aims at making people active. This new start-up is extending a helping hand to all those people who are keen to learn the art of Music, Yoga, Cooking, Embroidery, and Knitting etc. but couldn't follow their ambition in the dearth of time, money and quality teachers.

Qriyo, feeling the pain of all such people, brought around 6000 teachers on one platform to help them realize their dream.

It has made it very simple for them to book a course of their choice. They just need to visit and select the course which they want to pursue. Here, they can also enroll to any course via their mobile app. And once they have selected this course, Qriyo will be sending a teacher to them within 24 hours and they can start learning what they want.


Team Jaipur


Team Jodhpur

Qriyo has been rendering its services in cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur and other metros by providing teachers in the Academics, Extracurricular, Life Skills and Fitness courses.

With a view to get the best teachers, Qriyo follows a four-stage process for candidates. Once they come out with flying colors in all these stages, they are appointed as Qriyo Guru.

Becoming a Qriyo Guru is a simple process. Those who have talent and are keen to earn some quick bucks while sharing their knowledge, can download Qriyo Guru App. Thereafter they will be asked to take a test. Once they are through, a new world will be open to them and they will be allowed to teach the subject of their choice.


The new start-up also follows a different process of special match making algorithm to select a teacher which suits the best to the query received. Qriyo has evaluated more than 6000 Gurus in Jaipur and Jodhpur. Thousands of students, housewives, working professionals and retired staff and teachers have been associated with Qriyo till now.


Also, Qriyo shares the credit of being the first start-up in Rajasthan which has received foreign investment. Dubai-based Idein Ventures has approved Rs 1.1 Crore funding for this firm in January 2016. 

So, if you too are eager to pursue your dream of learning something new, try logging into Qriyo and get your Guru now!


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