Holi is Not ONLY about India. #HoliFacts You Should Know Before you Celebrate It

Holi is Not ONLY about India

Since Holi originated in India, many assume that the festival is all about ONLY India. But that's not true. All of those fascinating Holi photographs online dipped in beautiful vibrant colours are not posted from only India. Several of them are from the Holi celebrations in San Francisco, Paris and all across the globe where Indian communities along with foreigners celebrate this wonderful, super colouful Holi festival.


As Holi festival, which is to be celebrated on Monday, 13 March 2017, is just round the corner, let's tell you about some more fascinating Holi facts.

Holi is not just ONE day

While most people outside India or even Indians who aren't much aware of the roots of the festival consider Holi to be a one day event, where they play with colours. But that's not true. Holi is actually a two-day festival. On the first day, we celebrate Holika Dahan, the bonfire night. It is believed that all evils are burnt into the sacred pyre of the bonfire. People enjoy singing and chanting around the huge bonfire. This day is also called 'Chhoti Holi' by some.


While the second day of Holi, which is also known as Dulhandi, is the time when the main celebration with colours takes place. Everyone in the family and friends applies colour to each other and dance to fun filled Holi songs. Several Holi parties are organised.

Holi is Not ONLY about Colours

Holi, which is called the Festival of Colours, is a festival mainly about playing with colours with friends and family and socializing at Holi parties. People also visit each other's houses to wish them Happy Holi with Colours. But one more important part of Holi are the special Holi Sweets like Gujiyas and Namkeens. Holi is time to relish this sweet Holi delicacy known as 'Gujiya', which is actually a sweet dumpling stuffed with dry-fruits, khoyas and more. In India it has been a tradition to make Gujiyas at home but these days people also feel free to purchase them from the market.


Bhang and Holi

Holi shares a special kind of a connection with Bhang, which is an intoxicating ingredient obtained from cannabis leaves. In India, we have a tradition of consuming bhang on Holi in the form of drinks and in snacks. A fine paste of bhang is prepared and added to drinks and in snacks. This is only meant to have some fun with friends or close ones but yes, you definitely need to stay cautious of taking any drinks or snacks from strangers on the day.

Holi is special to Kids, not because it's Fun BUT...

Everyone loves Holi, especially the kids. One reason is because the festival is a treasure house of fun moments. But that's not all. Holi is special to kids, especially to all Indian kids because this is the ONLY day in the year when Indian kids have official permission to get all filthy. While Indian parents are always very strict about cleanliness, Holi is a day when not even your parents would scold you or stop you from getting filthy in colours. Get drowned in colourful water, burst coloured water balloons on each other, use spray guns or what not. Everything is allowed because Bura Na Mano, Holi Hai!

Happy Holi!


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