Jaipur Night Market - at Jal Mahal or Johari Bazaar?

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Jaipur Night Market in planning again! Under the Jaipur Smart City project, plans to set up a night market in Jaipur has been started. But this is not the first time when a plan to introduce a night market in Jaipur. This is the fifth time in the last 8 years that a plan to set up Jaipur Night Market has been proposed. Let's see if this fresh new proposal could get passed and we Jaipurites and visitors to Jaipur can actually enjoy a stroll through the Jaipur Night Market!

5th plan for Jaipur Night Market in the city

The plan of setting up Jaipur Night Market for localites and for boosting Jaipur tourism has been proposed a number of times. Let's see when and who proposed it:

1. The tourism department of the last Congress government here proposed to set up Jaipur Night Market at Ghat ki Guni.

2. The Empowered Committee, which aimed to turn Jaipur into a world-class city, also proposed to set up Jaipur Night Market at Chaura Rasta in the walled city of Jaipur.

3. Three years back, Jaipur's Municipal Corportion announced to one week night market in the different markets of the walled city area including Johari Bazaar, Chaura rasta, tripolia Bazaar, Gangori Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar, Nehru Bazaar, etc.

4. Then about 1.5 years back during the first planning of Smart City Jaipur, there was a plan to introduce a night market in PHQ's old building at Jaleb Chowk.

5. And now once again, under the Smart City Jaipur project the officials are planning to introduce a night market in Jaipur.

Johari Bazaar or Jal Mahal - Debate

This time, which is the 5th time that Jaipur Night Market has been proposed in the beautiful pink city, there is a clash of opinions for where to set up the market. Johari Bazaar or Jal Mahal? Smart City company CEO Sandesh Nayak insists that the market area from Badi Chaupar to Johari Bazaar should be turned into a night market. He finds the walled city a perfect location for setting up the night market amidst the pink painted old city heritage of Jaipur. The company shall present this proposal before the Chief Secretary.

jaipur night market

On the other hand Jaipur's Mayor is not in the favour of introducing Jaipur Night Market amidst the chaotic and crowded lanes of old city markets. He wants Jaipur Night Market to be set up away from the hustles and bustles of Jaipur's city life. He believes that the night market would be a place for relaxation and some night tourism, more than shopping, so it should be set up in a more peaceful ambience. Jaipur Mayor Ashok Lahoti has also suggested Jal Mahal or the Ram Niwas Garden locations for the same as these locations will also facilitate theme-based arrangements.

Jaipur Night Market to boost Night Tourism

Regardless of the location where it gets introduced, the Jaipur Night Market will definitely give a boost to Jaipur's night tourism. It will not only be about shopping but about taking strolls, snacks, ice creams, enjoying the vibrance of Jaipur's rich culture and heritage in the colourful Jaipur Night Market.

So, how many of you are waiting for it? Also share your opinions - Johari Bazaar or Jal Mahal? We shall help Raise your Opinion! #JaipurNightMarket #JohariBazaar #JalMahal #others


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