Sitecore User Group Jaipur 2017 Meetup

Sitecore User Group Jaipur, also promoted as SUGJPR, organised its 1st meetup of the year 2017 at Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur.

Before we share more about the event, let’s quickly give you a brief about what Sitecore User Group Jaipur is! SUGJPR is a group of Sitecore developers, analysts and strategists who believe in helping the Sitecore community. (P.S. Sitecore is a CMS used by developers to provide custom web solutions.

SUGJPR Founders Gaurav Agrawal (MVP 2017) and Mahendra Singh Shekhawat welcomed all visitors with a brief about Sitecore and the Agenda of the day’s meeting.

For the meetup, not only developers and people from Sitecore community Jaipur joined them but, also people from outside of Jaipur through virtual video conferencing at GoToMeeting! This is a beneficial news for the Sitecore community in Jaipur.

You would be glad to know that – Though Sitecore CMS is not used by that many developers in India due to its expensive license, the Sitecore community has its roots in Jaipur. Jaipur also has some of the oldest Sitecore MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals) from India!

Way to Go SUGJPR!

The Founders handed over the command to Mr. Jagmohan Singh Rathore, MVP (2016-2017), who took the first Presentation of the day on ‘Sitecore Azure Web Apps’.

Mr. Jagmohan started with talking about Sitecore + Azure or we can say Sitecore on Azure.

He discussed the benefits of using Sitecore on Azure such as the enhanced speed, easy deployment due to less configuration requirements, being cheaper than virtual machines, etc.

Mr. Jagmohan discussed the basic building blocks for Sitecore Azure like Azure Search, Redis Cache, etc. to help developers new to Sitecore Azure to understand the things. He also talked about the Development Strategy, and the types of Scaling – both manual and the Automatic one.

Jagmohan Rathore, who is also the Sitecore MVP for 2016-2017, showed how the new development process works like with all different Deployment options.

Before finally presenting the Demo, he opened a channel for Questions as well, which was definitely a good experience for developers new to the Sitecore Azure Web Apps technology.

So during the Demo, Mr. Rathore shows visitors a few important things that need to be installed before deployement such as the Sitecore Azure Toolkit, etc.

Some snapshots from the Deployment Process Demo:

Path from all Packages

Azure deployment parameters

Sitecore Resource Group

He also shared a few Limitations which come with the Azure Web Apps, which you must be aware of for example it does not support the following modules!

With this the visitors headed for a Networking session with some Snacks n Tea.

Resuming the SUGJPR meetup, Mr. Vipin Banka, Solution Architect, Unicolumn took charge to present the second topic for the day – ‘Unit Test Your Sitecore Website’.

He covered topics like What a Unit Test is, then what components you need for the same, how to setup a unit test project, and a demo on writing some Unit Tests, etc.

sitecore user group jaipur

Some more snapshots from Mr. Vipin’s presentation while he talks about Sitecore Fake DB, Fluent Assertions, and finally gives a Demo for making things easier to understand, etc.

Selecting dll (s) for setting up the project

Items that Sitecore Fake DB creates by Default

Overall, the sessions went well for all visitors. We are looking forward to more meetups of Sitecore User Group Jaipur in future too! Kudos to the Sitecore community Jaipur. Developers from Jaipur interested in Sitecore can connect with the founders at


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