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Discover Jaipur’s world class food offerings varying from the royal dining restaurants to cheap roadside fast food stalls. Also look into this section to explore the best cafes, bars and pubs in the city.
If you are one of those people who have a giant sweet tooth, and who always craves for something sweet after almost every meal, then our list of top 10 places for desserts in Jaipur will help you explore your next sweet escapes.
The time of the year is here! This summer dive into the flavours of ice cream and lick the best ice creams in Jaipur from any of these 5 best Ice Cream Joints in the city.
Chai has always been the most liked beverage. And when it comes to Jaipur – the city has a lot of chaiwalas who serve the delicious chais of different flavours and colours. Let’s explore and taste the 5 best chaiwalas in the town.
Spicy street food in India is something that people of all age groups have a special liking for. From the tangy golgappas to Rawat's pyaaz ki kachori, let's browse all famous street food in Jaipur India!
No celebration can be complete without food, especially in Rajasthan. With the Jaipur Kite Festival 2017 just round the corner, let’s look at the Sankranti special food items you must try.
The food trucks in Jaipur are much like modernized ‘thelas’ that sell all types of snacks on roads and are affordable plus hygienic with the best tasting street food in Jaipur.
Diwali is time to relish lots of sweets and snacks while sitting amidst friends and relatives. We bring you some easy recipes to prepare Diwali sweets at home.
Much like its pink streets and beautiful fortresses, Jaipur’s tasting lassi is also a point of attraction. It not only tastes awesomely delicious but is good for your body too!
McDonald’s is such a widely loved branch that we almost can’t skip visiting it for long. So here are the different McDonald’s outlets in Jaipur.
Relish the buttered tandoori rotis? Or, like licking off that deliciously spicy paneer ki sabzi? That’s something you can only do at the popular dhabhas!
Monsoons give rise to your food cravings; a hot cutting chai, crispy pakoras, bhuttas, sizzling hot samosa and much more.
When it comes to food, the capital city of Rajasthan always has something new and unique to offer; be it the spicy indigenous cuisines from royal kitchens, the typical Rajasthani thali, the famous Dal-Bati-Churma,
Tea is one of the conventional ways to welcome guests and it is a must-have beverage when it is raining.
Indian Coffee House, a conventional name known to every individual is a restaurant chain in India which is run by a series of worker co-operative societies.
The views rival the cuisine at these 5 Jaipur restaurants
Swim in the true colors of Rajasthani Culture at Chokhi Dhani.
It is being said, that, if food is being decorated and then served, hunger becomes more irresistible and Salad is usually used to decorate the food.
Food restaurant and coffeehouse chains are becoming increasingly popular during the last few years.

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