People and Culture of Jaipur

The city of Jaipur is best famed for its affectionate people and its well-preserved cultural heritage. Even in the 21st century, you get to see the same traditional flavour in the culture of Jaipur. People living here are simple, truly affectionate, warm and courteous. The city’s ambience is a perfect example of the very essence of Rajasthan’s glorious past, royalty, chivalry, festivals and colours. Although Jaipur is heading towards modernity of the metropolitan, it still holds its cultural roots firmly.


Jaipurites are good people (mostly). They may have a tough, rugged appearance but they are cheerful and friendly on the inside. Most of these brown-skinned people have the charm to win hearts with their lovely smiles and warm hospitality. You’ll always find them beside in the times of need. People here love greenery and are health conscious, which is why a number of parks and gardens are dotted across every locality of the city. It is because of the people of Jaipur that the city is such a lively and pleasing place to live in.


people of Rajasthan

Traditional Rajasthani men wear turbans while women wear ghagra-choli. People prefer to wear dazzling, bright coloured attires in the shades of red, yellow, green and orange. Most women wear clothes with gleaming embroidery in gold, silver zari or gota. Carved silver jewellery and kundan and meena jewellery are quite popular. Colourful outfits with work of lehriya, bandhni, zari and zardosi are a specialty of the city.


People of Jaipur primarily speak Hindi in the Rajasthani accent. Variations in the tone are visible as you travel across regions. Marwari language is also prevalent in the city. English is widely used for official matters and at schools, colleges and workplaces.

Food and Local Delicacies

In Jaipur, you’ll get all types of scrumptious cuisines ranging from traditional Rajasthani thali to North-Indian dishes, South-Indian dosas and idli-sambhar, Continental, Italian and more. Some worth trying local delicacies include mangodi, dal bati churma, missi rotis, papad, buttermilk and sweets like ghewar, feeni, sohan halwa, gajak and monthal. Rajasthani food is made in lots of ghee and butter. Even the street food is good. Rawat’s pyaaz ki kachori is one popular snack amidst Jaipurites. Then, they do love golgappae, which is why you can find golgappe being sold at every nook and corner of the city.

Religion and Spirituality

Jaipur has a majority of people practicing Hinduism. Other religions followed here include Jainism, Islam, Sikhism and Christianity. The city is home to a number of beautiful temples and other religious sites.


Jaipur hosts a lot many lively fairs and festivals (link to Jaipur Fairs and Festivals) at different times of the year. These fests bring out the best side of this city’s vibrant culture. You can witness the city at its most lively form during festivals such as Gangaur festival, Teej festival, Kite flying festival (Sankranti), Sheetla Mata Fair, Paush bade, Jaipur Literature festival and Elephant fair. Other than these, Jaipur also hosts a number of exciting annual events (link to Jaipur Events) like the Jaipur Literature festival and the Décor India Show.

Folk Dance and Music

Dance and music are the soul of different cultures. Rajasthan’s most famous folk dance is ‘Ghoomar’. Dancers flaunt their huge ghagras or skirts while dancing to the tunes of Rajasthani folk songs. Many times you’ll get to see them dance on a pot or while holding lit diyas in their hands/head. Sarangi, Tanpura, Ektara, Morchang, Naad and Jhalar are some instruments that are commonly played when they sing folk songs.




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