Where to Live in Jaipur – Study Accommodation

Jaipur is an emerging educational hub, especially for higher education. At the same time, it is an ideal place to study and live in. It offers a number of affordable accommodation options for students to live here. Some colleges and institutions run their own hostels while for others you will be required to hunt for a nearby stay. Students have all choices open to feel comfortable in this city. An apartment gives you freedom and independence, a paying guest accommodation lets you enjoy life while they manage a lot of things for you and a homestay is a more preferred choice for those looking for a homely environment. Basically, the choice is all yours as Jaipur has all you can ask for when it comes to accommodation for students.

On-Campus Hostels

Many institutions are located on the outskirts of the city. Almost all of them have on-campus hostels, where accommodation is affordable. On an average, you can get a hostel room with basic amenities between Rs.3000-Rs.5000 per month. If you stay on-campus, you can also save on daily transportation charges. Some renowned institutions with an on-campus hostel facility include ICG, Kanoria college, Mnit, Poornima College of Engineering, Amity University, Gyan Vihar and the JECRC University.

Most of the hostels have caring wardens and a homely environment with several other kids/youngsters of your own age group. This often makes living in a hostel a comfortable experience for students who are far from their respective homes. Living in these hostels also allows you to utilize your institutions’ facilities such as the library for extended hours. Eventually, these hostels do become ‘a home away from home’ for most students.


If you are looking for a more independent lifestyle, you can choose to live in apartments. There are a number of apartments available on rent for both students and working professionals in different parts of the city. Mostly, these apartments have well-equipped kitchens and bathrooms. Students can choose to take a single room or a double room apartment and share it with fellow students (to make it more affordable).

Living in apartments comes without any supervision. It thus gives you more freedom and independence, along with greater responsibilities. Students have to manage their cooking and cleaning all by themselves. However, mostly these apartments are located close to cafes, restaurants, shopping centers and bus stops, for the convenience of the students.

Paying Guest Facilities

The city is home to a lot many PGs, which makes it easier for students to find an affordable paying guest accommodation nearby their institution. Living in a paying guest accommodation opens up an opportunity to meet and interact with many other students from different streams. Students can choose between a two-sharing and a three-sharing room. Almost all PGs have a care-taker to take care of daily stuff as well as of the students living in there.

They do include food services, which saves students from cooking themselves or eating out. However, if you wish, you can opt out for food and just pay the rent for staying in. In that case, you’ll have to manage your meals outside. Some PGs do provide a shared kitchenette for basic food needs such as brewing coffee or preparing Maggie and stuff like that.

On an average, staying in a PG inclusive of food, costs about Rs.5000-Rs.7000 and without food, it costs somewhere near Rs.3000-Rs.5000. You should look for a PG that is situated at a walking distance from your institution, to save on the transportation costs.


There are some families, which offer homestays by renting one vacant room of their house. Living in homestays offers an extremely homely environment. Mostly students get close to the host family and become much-like a member of it. Homestays allow you to live with the local people and learn about their culture, lifestyle, habits and rituals. It is a great experience, especially for the ones coming from different states or foreign lands.

Usually homestays aren’t very close to institutions and colleges. You will have to use some public transport to reach college and come back home. One benefit of living with a family is the bond that usually lasts forever.


Jaipur is a good place to study and live. It provides many different types of accommodation options at affordable prizes. So, what are you waiting for? Come to Jaipur to build your career and make this city your home!

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