Jaipur’s Quality of Life for Working Professionals

Along with being in quest of more and more opportunities and exposure, working professionals nowadays look for an enhanced quality of life. When I say, ‘Quality of Life’, it includes both, ‘Life at Work’ and ‘Life after Work’. The beautiful city of Jaipur has all that you may want from life including a good working environment at offices, friendly people, relaxation and entertainment opportunities, health care, safe civic environment, impressive infrastructure, reasonable living expenses, easy accommodation and delectable food choices.

Distances and Transportation

There are not much distances in Jaipur. Even if you have to travel from one corner to the other, it only takes about an hour or so. Most working professionals commute for an average of 10-15 mins to reach work, which is much lower when compared to cities like Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore. Several cycle-rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, cab services and local buses run across the city. The roads are interlinked to help people with personal vehicles (even if they miss sight of one lane, they may enter through the next) in most cases. Projects like the Jaipur Metro and the Ghat ki Ghuni Tunnel are to further improve things for people living here.

Relaxation and Entertainment


Even the most workaholic of people, feel like relaxing and unwinding themselves for a while. Jaipur has a lot of multiplexes to watch the latest movies, well-maintained parks to jog or get some fresh air, malls and markets to roam and shop, restaurants and cafes to dine amidst eye-pleasing settings, clubs to dance till late and sound and light shows, music performances and other colourful events to enjoy.

A Safe Civic Environment


Jaipur is a safe city with friendly people. Working professionals, especially women, are very much concerned about choosing a place where they feel safe and secure. Mumbai is considered the safest city in India for single women. However, Jaipur is still far safer than Delhi/NCR. The roads are well-lit. You don’t get to hear of any unforeseen occurrences, mostly.

Accommodation and Office Space


Jaipur has an easy availability of good accommodation options such as PGs, rooms and flats on rent and studio apartments. It gets easier for non-locale professionals to find an accommodation with all basic amenities, close to their respective workplace. Websites like 99acres, and prove to be helpful in finding suitable accommodation. Similarly, finding a good office space is also not a big issue.

Food Choices

Jaipur brings you a variety of food choices ranging from authentic Rajasthani cuisines to street food, Italian pizzas, South Indian dosas and idlis, Continental specialties, snacks and what not. The city has a lot many restaurants, cafes and food joints, each of which have their own specialty. Tapri, Brown Sugar, Forresta Kitchen & Bar, On The House, Jaipur Jungle and 3D’s Restro Lounge are places worth trying for good food and environment.

Health Care

Health Care

Healthcare facilities in the Pink City have seen remarkable growth over the last decade and are still improving. Jaipur city is home to a number of reputed hospitals like the MG Hospital, SK Soni Hospital, Apex hospital, Fortis Escorts hospital and the Santokba Durlabhji Memorial hospital. This way you can rest assured of never having to rush across cities for health care facilities.



Jaipur has the best of schools, colleges and institutions, when it comes to education. Working professionals would not have to send their kids away for studies, while they work in this city. St. Xaviers College, Amity University, JECRC University, NIMS University and LNM Institute of Information Technology, are a few to name among the best educational institutes in Jaipur.


Overall, Jaipur is a good city choice for settling down and working. It supports a perfect work-life balance that all working professionals love and constantly strive for. Find a perfect opportunity and settle down in this stress-free, happening city!




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