Placement mandates in Jaipur engineering colleges: Coding |Research |Communications |Subject Knowledge

Coding |Research |Communications |Subject Knowledge

Placement drives in colleges and colleges brimming with companies, be it the multi-national companies or the information technology based companies, all of them have their pre-determined standards for recruiting candidates. To grab a package which has high returns and offerings, it is a mandate for students to clear certain rounds of interviews which as mentioned are pre-determined.

Common procedures for interviews:

A written exam, situation test, group discussions, communication skills, aptitude test and finally the personal interview are some of the common and frequent rounds every candidate/student has to sit for to avail a job and a great returning package in a company.

Gap revealed in company requirement and candidate profile:

There has been found to be a gap between the requirements of a company for a suitable candidate and the candidates who apply for a certain position in the company. People aim to reduce such a gap.

When it comes to reducing the gap, the human resource heads of numerous companies have been contacted to comprehend where this gap lies.

It has been revealed that in comparison to the students of states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Chennai and Andhra Pradesh etc. the students of Rajasthan lack in their communication skills. There is a lot of scope as well as requirement to fill this gap.

State universities do not pay the required attention to technological developments and the inclusion of the same in the curriculum of the students. All this leads to students failing to respond to situational analysis questions being put up to them during the interview process.

Technology is changing at a rapid speed. One needs to stay parallel and gear up to be fit in the modern times.

Excerpts from the human resource heads of companies:

  • A Bengaluru based company, Analytics Quotient’s human resource manager Mr. Aju Abraham expresses that companies are aiming for a global presence nowadays. Keeping such an objective in mind, companies aim to hire candidates who have a command over English as a language. Companies look for candidates who have linguistic skills. Apart from English as a language, Japanese, German and Mandarin language is also sought for in candidates.

  • Hyderabad based Ramky Infrastructure Group’s hiring manager reveals that candidates are unacquainted with the developments in technology and new technology seeping in. Bamboo Technology as an example was cited and was stated that students and candidates are unaware of a technology by such a name. Bamboo Technology is not included in the course work in the state of Rajasthan for technical students. In addition to all this, what has been found out is that students express the need for an 8 hour job but are not ready to work for 12 hours if the job requirement is such or the need of the job or the company be such.
  • Karnataka based Infosys gives weightage to aptitude, reasoning, mathematics, communication and comprehension in the first round of its recruitment process. Not more than 45% of candidates qualify the first round for they lack in their communication and comprehension skills.
  • Tata Consultancy Services, a Mumbai based company, the human resource manager of the company revealed that students merely mug up things in their schooling education and this gives them a back seat in their college education. Students are not thorough with their concepts in subjects like mathematics and science.
  • Shailendra Singh, the general manager of Qutone Ceramic Private Limited states that the company expects the candidates or students to have a knowledge of the subject of their specialization, but students fail to have the required and appropriate knowledge of their subjects.

Some basal requirements that companies seek for:

  • English and its communication is a requirement by companies but the knowledge of coding skills is also a must have that is sought for in the candidate. Companies aim to work on numerous set of programming languages and seek candidates who have a knowledge of the same. PHP, .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python etc. are languages on which a command is necessary for students.
  • Green building, water harvesting, economical cost, building material, construction period and a thorough knowledge of technology is essential for the students of civil engineering. A command over all these, civil engineering students will have plentiful options to explore and avail of.
  • Apart from the theoretical knowledge gained in colleges, it is also a must for students to have social and behavioural skills. Thought and time must be devoted in college for actual learning apart from merely scoring a good percentage. For instance, a civil engineering student must be able to produce a simple explanation or definition for cement as a product. They must be possess exhaustive knowledge of different mix of cement and its uses.
  • Knowledge of mechatronics is crucial. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of systems engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering and computer engineering.
  • Students must apprehend the work pattern of the industry. A comparative research of different sectors and products, national and international trends, supply chain management and its working must be clear as a concept to students.
  • The introduction of Pro-E software for mechanical branch students has been suggested by companies. Such subjects are not included in the courses of students.

In the past few years, the infrastructure industry has been faced with challenges and developments. The Make in India projects are taking a form and shape. This necessitates civil engineering students to focus on industry oriented courses. The courses help the students in production engineering in the factories. Companies have started paying weightage to super specialization. The meaning of this can be inferred as that a civil engineering student must possess knowledge apart from his domain too. For instance, if a building needs to be constructed, then a civil engineering student must be aware as to what will be the hearing source of the building, from where all can the light enter the building etc.

The article is a summation of the information acquired from the recruitment managers of the companies that visited the colleges of the city of Jaipur. Some colleges and companies covered are listed below:

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