Craftsman in the city of Jaipur to design the national trophies and mementos

It is a sight to see the trophies and mementos that are awarded to the soldiers for displaying pure bravery and confidence in the army in the country. It is a common notion the people of the country know about. What stands uncommon amongst the public of the country is that these trophies and mementos are crafted and assembled by a craftsman belonging to the city of Jaipur.

Began work years back:

Mr. Omprakash Tinker, a resident in the Jagdamba colony of the Vaishali Nagar locality in the Pink City. Mr. Tinker began to work on this craft about four decades ago (40 years ago).

Father is an inspiration for this field:

Long back, his father Mr. Ginni Lal was a utensil maker. Seeing his father work hard, there was a surge to learn the same craft in Mr. Omprakash.
Mr. Omprakash was taught the technicalities of craftsmanship by his uncle Mr. Dharmi Lal.
After a period of about two years, Mr. Lal began to devise things on his own. In every battalion of the country, trophies made by him are a common sight.

National and international fame:

His fame is not bounded to the national borders only, but he is also known internationally.

Award to pride:

In the year 1986-1987, Mr. Omprakash was awarded at the state level with the most outstanding craftsman award by the Rajasthan Laghu Udhyog Nigam.

Commencing the journey of a craftsman:

Mr. Omprakash shared as to how he began his journey onto becoming a craftsman.
About a decade and three years back (13 years back), he began making trophies of silver with his son Naresh. Its demand took a speedy rise from the year 2011.

Fame amongst the people:

The trophies made by us became a celebrated affair with the people. An evolving family full of craftsmen and their skills in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur came to be known to the public.
Trophies and mementos made in the country for the army are also made by the members of Mr. Tinker’s family.

Four years back, Mr. Tinker designed a three feet high miniature design with a copper and silver for a unit of the army for Chillipum Monastery.
The monastery is based in Bomdila in Arunachal Pradesh. For the Buddhist statue art, this monastery is a notorious example.
People paid a visit to their house regularly till the time this statue was under make, and this continued until the time the statue was sent parceled.

Son designs the models:

Past some years, his son Naresh is preparing up the models and he is the one who readies the designs for the trophies. This is a good sign for the coming generation.
Crafting from the hand must be encouraged in the present generation.
In the field of architecture and interior designing, crafts designs by hand are given a preference by the people. People like to visually light up their home décor by such art.

Plans to construct a museum for his souvenirs:

Mr. Omprakash has made several trophies and mementos in the journey of his life. He has worked on uncountable of designs but he never made an article for self possession and as a matter to cherish. He plans to make a museum and soon will initiate work to build the same. The focus of the family is on export work at present.

Art work for Sri Nagar floods: Miniature of the rescue helicopter Cheetah

Naresh, his son and co-creator in craft believes that in the previous year, 2015, the floods in Sri Nagar were given rescue and assistance by the army helicopter named Cheetah.
To make this memorable, a unit of the army expressed their wish to design a miniature version for the helicopter.
We began to work on this and within a period of a month and a half, we designed the Cheetah in silver on the shield.

Lighting up Amer Fort and Jal Mahal:

Seven years ago, we designed the umbrellas and for Jal Mahal and decorated its galleries with lamps. The sight and beauty of these was breathtaking. We also designed fountains and brass jaaliyaan on the gates of the elevator in the gardens of Jal Mahal.
In the articles inside Jantar Mantar, Mr. Omprakash along with his son did land fixing by the fine lines using a mirror.
A lamp made by Mr. Omprakash is hung at the Chandpole Gate in the Amer Fort.

Other exemplary work:

  • In the year 2016, Mr. Omprakash designed a miniature of the Sonar Fort in Jaisalmer. A mix of copper and silver was used to make different parts of the fort like bullet tank, army tank etc.
  • In the year 2012-2013, a miniature of the Tithwal Bridge in Jammu and Kashmir was made by them. A mix of copper and silver was used in the making of this. This was designed on request of the Gorkha regiment based in Palampur.
  • A trophy for the silver jubilee was devised for a regiment in Gwalior.
  • Golden jubilee trophies were devised for the winners of the Param Veer Chakra for a regiment in Naushera.
  • Numerous trophies have been created for different regiments of Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Craftsmanship has been marked on different articles like:

  • Lamps
  • Throne
  • Fountains
  • Trophy
  • Brass tables
  • Kalash
  • Abha Mandal
  • Planter


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