Constructing your dream house – Technical and construction research a must in modern times

Every human in the world wishes to have a home as beautiful as heaven. To make one’s own home a paradise to live in, people pay attention to the minutest of the details which go into the construction of their house.
The family carefully thinks about the plans, budgeting and things to employ in the creation of their house.
Planning, formulating architectural designs, devising and implementing the construction in accordance with the vaastu shastra are the primal steps that everyone carefully invests their time and money in.

Not paying consideration to security measures:

Coming down to the most crucial part of the construction of our houses, something which majority of the people overlook and do not wisely invest their time and money in is the security of the house that they are constructing.

Applying fancy things for decoration:

It is a common sight to see that things which grab eyes, which are attractive and gain the appreciation of the visitors are usually invested in by people.
Such attention grabbing articles for decoration and construction of the house can prove risky for one’s own safety in the long run.

Copying other’s architectural design:

On the other hand, a common practice again is that we are influenced by others and their opinions.
It is a tendency to follow some similar architectural designs in the construction of the house which has been adopted by the neighbours of the area.
In such practice of copying the designs of others houses, we tend to forget to measure the pros and cons of construction of such a house.

Vaastu Shastra:

Where vaastu shastra plays a major role in the country in the construction of houses amongst the people, it can be observed generally that several families close or block the south side of their houses in accordance to the vaastu shastra guidelines.
From the point of architectural construction, south side must be left open for that’s the side that allows most of the air and lighting to enter the house from. East and west sides must be ignored for this purpose.

Passive solar designs:

Some time back, the passive solar designs were in trend for construction purposes. In the old buildings that have already been constructed, this design is a common sight and is a classic example too. Nowadays, modern architecture is not based on this designing style.
Passive solar design had a benefit of its own, which allowed the heat generated inside the house to leave the house easily.

Leaving backyard space:

On a similar note where passive solar design is not in vogue now, the concept where a little space was left in the backyard of the house at the time of construction (ideally for a balcony or something similar) is no more practiced in present times.
Not leaving the backside open for the construction and design of the house, lends the house an extremely congested appearance.

Vitrified tiles:

Vitrified tiles and their use in the construction of the house are done on a large basis by the people. It may be known to many that employing vitrified tiles in the make of the house give birth to pain in the legs, knees and back area of the human body.

Strength and matter for the construction:

In the olden times, thought was given to the designing of the house and its technicalities were thoroughly understood.
If thought is given to the architecture done by the rulers of olden times, then it will be easily understood as to how attention was paid to every detail, from natural beauty, to strength in the model of the house and other relevant scientific issues.

Following western style of architecture:

With the change of time, we are on the path to architecture which is parallel to western style of architecture.
For instance to supplement this statement, the use of glass in constructing houses is an exceedingly frequent sight nowadays.
When a thought is given to the usage of glass for construction purposes, the concept is that the weather is cold in the western countries, and glass has properties of trapping and retaining heat inside.
This is the reason people in western countries make use of glass for construction purposes.
This is not the case in India. India as a country receives abundant sunlight and heat and thus it is said that the construction of houses must be done accordingly.

Synthetic curtains for house décor: A harmful approach

Due to a lack of awareness, people also make use of synthetic curtains in their houses, which is a material that catches fire easily.
In place of this, people must use cotton curtains in their houses.
If mistakenly a house catches fire, then such products give strength to fire to spread.

Pay attention to fine details for constructing a house:

People must give a thought to this at the times of constructing their houses. Air and weather in every country is different, designing must be based on it only. In olden times, attention was paid to the strength of the houses and their security.


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