Doctors’ Season: Monsoon Illnesses and Precautions

The much-awaited monsoon rains have arrived in Jaipur, filling up the city with joys of getting drenched in the rains, the beautiful greenery, scenic views of the hills surrounding the city and the hot lip-smacking ‘aaloo-ki-pakoris’ that are a specialty of monsoons. Monsoon is incomplete without the bhajiyas, hot served tea and some good music.

doctors day

But the same monsoons also bring illnesses such as viral fever, malaria, typhoid, gastroenteritis, stomach infections, dehydration, food poisoning and other raining water-borne diseases. These illnesses are also the reason why monsoon is also known as the Doctors’ Season, a time to visit doctors. Here we list some common illnesses caused during monsoons and some precautions to keep you safe this monsoon.

Some Common Monsoon Illnesses

1. Fever/Flu

Almost everyone gets sick with fever - the rising body temperatures, body aches like you’re going to break into a million pieces and the drowsiness. Rains lead to a sudden drop in overnight temperatures, making it easier for viruses to spread like forest fire. If your temperature does not drop even on the third day, it is probably not just viral fever but something more like malaria or dengue. You must get a blood test done and not continue consuming antibiotics on your own.


2. Typhoid Infections

Your digestive system gets pretty weak during the rainy season, making you prone to all types of infections. Typhoid, which is a bacterial infection caused due to contaminated water, can catch hold of you very easily. It has mix symptoms of viral fever and diarrhea so ensure to see your doctor if you get them. Typhoid is easily curable but it can weaken your liver for months and can also get dangerous if left untreated for a good period of time.

3. Gastroenteritis or other Stomach Infections

Troubled/contaminated water during rains causes gastroenteritis or gastro infections, which have symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Stomach flu and infections are also on a huge spike during monsoon season.

stomach flu

Precautions to Keep you Safe from Monsoon Illnesses

- Sanitize your hands: Monsoon illnesses often spread from hands to the coffee machine, from desks to doors and other communal surfaces which come in contact of your hands. Use a good hand sanitizer or medicated wipes to cut down your chances of getting an infection as 30 to 50% of the germs are transmitted through hands.

hand wash

- Get vaccinated: If you are pregnant, suffering some disease and can’t afford to get any more ill, one thing you can do is to get vaccinated a month before the rainy season infections start.

- Don’t eat out: The hot pakoras, samosas, roadside golgappas and chai appear so tempting during rains that you almost give in to the temptation. But don’t. If you really want to eat such stuff, have them prepared at home. Also avoid eating leafy green veggies during rains as the monsoon dampness turns them into a perfect hotspot for germs. So, no cabbages and other leafy greens till the rains subside.

dont eat outside

- Have boiled water: Ensure to intake purified boiled water. The water quality gets so heavily contaminated during monsoons that it can land you into a number of illnesses.

- Avoid public pools: Though swimming pools may seem fun but public pools can make you catch an infection pretty soon. So, stay away from all public swimming pools and water parks during the rains.


- No shared meals: Sharing is caring. Not during monsoons. Eat nutritious home cooked meals and do not share your plates as one infected person can make everyone fall sick in the office or at home.

- Eat light: Eat meals that are light on your tummy so as to ease the digestion process, go friendly with your stomach and kick out all seasonal illnesses.

fresh food

- Stay hydrated: You can ensure being safe by taking in ample amount of purified/boiled water and staying hydrated.

- Enhance your immunity: The best way to stay away from monsoon illnesses is to build up your immune system. Keep your immunity high by consuming more of vitamin C or by just maintaining safe distance from those who are infectiously sick.


Be cautious and follow the above tips to remain safe during monsoons. And then, you can always enjoy the much-awaited dancing in rain season! Happy and Safe Monsoons!




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