Drunk Driving coupled with Hit and Run Case

There have been numerous cases that are reported for the hit and run. When it comes to the Pink City Jaipur, this is going to be the fourth case of hit and run in the bygone three months. There have been 4 cases since the month of May for hit and run where 4 people have died in the accidents and more than a dozen have been injured.

This is a case of drunk driving coupled with hit and run. A young advocate named Uday Sharma, aged 25 years, was drunk to an extent where he admits that he had no understanding of the speed at which he was driving his car or the divider segregating the road.

The accident

Uday was excessively drunk and was driving his car at a breakneck speed on Saturday, July 23, 2016 where he collapsed into the divider on the road at Gopalpura Bypass injuring and killing 3 people. There were 10-15 labourers sleeping on the divider.

Killed and injured people

Amongst the people killed is Rajendra Keer aged 26 years who is a resident of Siroli was killed on the spot and amongst the people who are injured are Pappu Keer and Kamlesh Keer. The treatment and medical aid for both the injured people is going on in the Sawai Man Singh Hospital (SMS hospital) in Jaipur. All the 3 people were labourers and were sleeping on the divider.

Criminal and his profile: How the accident happened

Uday, the person involved in this horrendous accident is a resident of the Suraj Nagar (East) in Civil Lines in Jaipur. After hitting and injuring the labourers, Uday tried to speed his car (i20) and run away from the scene. In doing this, he was unsuccessful as the hoe (a tool) of the fellow labourers of Rajendra was caught into the tyre of Uday’s car and was punctured on the spot, due to which the car stopped immediately. Fellow labourers immediately surrounded Uday’s car but the latter locked his car from the inside. Later on, Uday rode away his car with the punctured tyre again.

First call to the police

During the happening of this incident, a motorbike rider informed the police officers at the Mansarovar Police Station which was located at a distance of half a kilometer from the site of the accident. Police officers put up barricades on the New Sanganer Road at Kisan Dharam Kanta and blocked and sealed the car.

Uday reported to the police officers and this is what has been revealed

Uday had gone to celebrate a birthday party of his friend at Vijay Path, Mansarovar. He was returning from the party late at night around 01:00 AM and was heading back home. He has admitted that he was drunk to an extent where he could not make out as to where was he heading. He had to turn his car towards Gurjar Ki Thadi and instead he drove straight to Gopalpura Bypass. He again turned his car back on the route near Kamla Nehru Nagar on Ajmer Road. Amidst all this, he could not make out the difference between the road and the divider.

Unreal details submitted to the police

On being taken to the police station, Uday submitted fake numbers and address details of his family. He did not reveal the lock code of his mobile phone. Police discovered an identity card from Uday which led them to discover the real address, phone numbers, etc. of Uday's family.

Family merely considered about the wellbeing of their son and his belongings, no one else

The police officers looked for the identity card and contact details of the family members of Uday and after finding the same called them up. According to the police, they were out of town and were in Pushkar. On being informed about the accident, the family members of Uday asked if Uday was safe and the car was safe or was broken down in the accident. The police officers did not reveal anything about all this to the family.

Boasting about the supremacy of his job

During the interrogation process by the police officers, Uday kept repeating that he is an advocate in the High Court and he will see them and challenge them in the Court.
He also started to name some prominent advocates and judges of the High Court to the police officers.

Eye witnesses

  • An eye witness of the accident was Ramji Lal, a resident of Phagi. He revealed that while they were asleep on the divider, a blast took place and they were woken up by the blast. On waking up they saw that a human was stuck between the tyre of a car on the driver’s side of it and the car was running continuously. Till about 60 feet, the car drove dragging the human in the tyre along with it. Finally the car stopped, and the witness along with some other friends, went ahead to discover that the human stuck inside the tyre was none other than their own friend Rajendra. Due to the speedy dragging of the car, the head, hair on the head and the skin of Rajendra were all over the road. Rajendra’s friends tried to pull out the driver of the car but they did not hit success at it as he locked himself inside the car and later on drove the car away.
  • Another eye witness of the accident was Manfool Keer, a friend of Rajendra. Manfool is a deaf and dumb human by nature. He also revealed the whole scenario of the accident by way of shoes and other things to demonstrate the happenings by way of actions. By way of the Evidence Act, the evidence given by a deaf and dumb person in the Court is considered absolutely valid. For further explanation of this, a sign language expert may also be called by the Courts to aid the deaf and dumb person.

High alcohol level found in the breath test

Police officers have reported that Uday was extremely drunk. On the level of his alcoholic measure, he was 8 times drunk than the normal capacity. Blood samples of Uday have been taken. 231 MG of alcohol was found in the breath analyzer of Uday.

Crash lab arrived: Revealed the faults in the median construction

Crash lab arrived at the scene of the accident and studied and revealed the discrepancies in the construction of the Tiraha on the road at Gopalpura Bypass. If these discrepancies can be altered, it will reduce the number of accidents taking place here.

  • The triangular median on the Tiraha is extended at a 10 feet distance further on the Ajmer Road.
  • The median is only of a height of 6 inches, whereas it should be of a height of 12 inches.
  • The vehicles coming from Ajmer Road are usually driving at a high speed. The cut to turn one's own vehicle is found to be inadequate and small.


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