Jaipur International Airport: Are we really advancing towards being a smart city?

Seeing the downfall in the name and fame of the Jaipur International Airport, the representative’s of the public are quite tensed.
These representatives believe that when tourists and visitors visit the city for the very first time, it is the airport that delivers the first impression of the city to these people.
If the first impression in a visitors mind is painted in a negative manner, then tourism and other related facets is a matter of concern for the government and the people associated with it.

A major fall in the ranking of the Jaipur International Airport:

A fall in the ranking from the very first position to the 32nd position is alarming for everyone.
There is a call of action required on immediate basis at the Jaipur International Airport.

Pure lack of modern services and technical advancement:

The place is suffering from a lack of services and other modern techniques and facilities which call for up gradation and is a pressing issue.

Administration and management are the real defaulters:

An investigation has been done at the Jaipur International Airport and the loopholes found are the malpractices of the airport management and administration in deteriorating the name of the airport.

Soaring high prices of the taxi rates:

Passengers are suffering from the elevated charges of the taxi rates at the airport grounds.
An example of this is that 250INR is asked for to go to a distance of about 4 kilometers merely.
This scenario is prevalent at Terminal 2 of the Jaipur International Airport.

Personal experience of a traveller:

Jaipur International Airport:

Quoting a personal experience, Mr. Hitesh Bhandia stated that he was bound to fly for Dubai along with 4 other families on Friday, August 12, 2016.
The airline these people were flying with was SpiceJet.
The scheduled timing of the flight was 09:10 AM but the flight suffered continuous delay. Finally the departure was scheduled at 05:35 PM the same day.
Mr. Bhandia expressed that the families suffered from the heat and hunger at the airport.
The wait at the airport lounge was non bearable and the management had absolutely no support in the long waiting hours for its passengers.
There are no options available for one to make a choice from to eat. There is no facility being made for a passenger to wait.
When he along with other families and their members made a protest, then were they allowed an entry into the airport.

Berlin Tegel Airport:

Mr. Bhandia quotes about a similar long waiting experience but in a different city.
He had to wait due to a flight being delayed in Berlin.
The airport staff there provided him and his fellow passengers with 100 dollars and refreshments.
Such kind of a facility was not made available to Mr. Bhandia in Jaipur.

Luggage belt slow in motion:

Another tourist from Mumbai named Urmish revealed that a lot of time is consumed to collect one’s own luggage from the airport. The loading on the belt is very slow at the Jaipur International Airport.

Food stalls and shops close down early at night:

A professor who teaches at the International College for Girls in the Jaipur city, she takes a subject on Airlines Management.
Ms. Himmat Rai, the professor revealed that she has been travelling from the Jaipur International Airport from the past 5-6 years. She said that her flights have mostly been in the night time.
Even before it turns 12 in the night, the stalls and shops at the airport shut down.
She says that food stalls at the airport must always be open for public service.
She further adds on that the Jaipur International Airport stands no chance to be in comparison with the airports of Delhi, Mumbai or Bengaluru.

Washrooms stink and the airport is technically unequipped:

A traveller from Kolkata, Hanshu Mukherjee the airport of such a big city like Jaipur must be technically equipped and must be equipped with modern facilities whereas even the washrooms of this airport are extremely petite and have an awful smell inside them. The washrooms of the Kolkata airport are maintained on a 5-star level.

Members of the government and their opinions:

The ranking of the airport has come down to the 32nd position from the very first position. It is a matter of serious concern. The government of the state is making serious attempts and progress in beautifying the city. It is a sight to see the city roads of the JLN Marg. On arriving at the airport, such a mess is witnessed. Passengers are also suffering heavily due to all this and steps must be taken immediately to render quality services. We shall attempt to bring back the ranking and turn into the number one airport in the country.
-Ashok Parnami, State President, BJP

A fall in the ranking by such a great number is not a positive thing. Airport serves as the first face of the Jaipur city where a visitor lands and steps down into the city. First impression is the last impression. The Airport Authority must take strict and quick measures to improve the facilities being offered at the airport and also must aim to improve its ranking.
-Rao Rajendra Singh, Legislator

In such a short span of time, how can the ranking take such a drastic fall? The services will deteriorate to such an extent, it is an unlikely matter. There is a possibility that the ranking done earlier was not done with the correct approach and method and had loopholes in it. A ranking process must take place afresh.
-Surendra Pareek, Legislator, Kishanpole

If there is a fall in the ranking, then the airport authority must take corrective measures to improve the same. When the government I working towards making Jaipur a smart city then equip it with the best of the facilities for the public, then the airport authority must also work towards making and providing the best of the services to the travellers.
-Mohanlal Gupta, Legislator, Kishanpole


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