7 Lessons to Learn from Lord Krishna’s Life

Krishna was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth, who lived an inspiring life. According to mythological evidences, Krishna was born some 5,000 years ago but the lessons he taught to mankind during his incarnated career still holds value. Let’s browse through some of the valuable lessons from the life of Lord Krishna that hold significance in today’s modern lifestyle as well.

1. He never gave up on his love for music


We often remember Krishna with an image of him holding his flute. Krishna had a lot to do in life, a war to fight, several demons to conquer and his other commitments as the king but he still managed to keep music into his life. He enjoyed playing the flute and never let his love for music take a back seat in his life. Just like him, you should also not give up on things that you love because of other prior commitments.

2. He was a true friend

With the building responsibilities and pressure, relationships often start fading from our lives. Sometimes you end up confusing your work with your life. But Lord Krishna valued his friendships with a lot of genuine love and compassion. His friendship with Sudama and even Arjun is impeccable. So, treat your friends well and keep them in touch no matter where life takes you!


3. He valued his commitments (kartavya parayana)

It is believed that as a God you have everything you can ask for. But during his incarnation as Krishna, he lived a life full of untold difficulties. From being born in a jail to fighting demons to letting go of his childhood place for taking care of his kingdom, Lord Krishna did everything to perform his duties with utmost diligence. So, never run away from your everyday duties.

4. He was generous and loved everyone

Generosity is not always something that comes to you naturally. Sometimes you just have to cultivate it in you. Lord Krishna was kind to everyone and he believed that service to mankind is equivalent to service to God. This is the need of the society today. Be kind and helpful and never be cruel or brutal to anyone in your life regardless of where they come from. Love everyone just like Lord Krishna loved both rich and the poor, even cows, birds and flute. Be humble.

5. He practised even-mindedness at all times

Krishna was born in a small village and lived in a family with not many amenities. Later he moved to Mathura to live a life of extreme luxury and opulence. But neither poverty nor the luxuries could have any effect on his state of mind. Similarly, life gives us both lemons and lemonades, I mean, joys and sorrows. You must not let your conditions affect your mental state.

6. He always did his best to protect the fellow men

Krishna was always protective of his people, be it the time when he picked up the Govardhan Hill to save people from torrential rains or the instance when he himself penetrated Uttara’s womb to save her and her fetus from the Brahmastra dispatched by Ashwathama. Do your best to protect everyone in your surroundings to the best of your capabilities.

7. He always wore a smile

Despite of all the hardships he faced from his birth in the jail to the evil demons who tried to kill him, Krishna faced everything with a smile. Stop worrying and just life a life in pure bliss. Smile at the life and it will smile back at you. A simple curve can make your life so much easier.

The last one was pretty simple, something you can start off with right now. So, wear your pretty smiles, set yourself free of all whining and worries, be diligent to your duties, kind to everyone you meet, value your relationships and life a wealthier, happier life! Happy Krishna Janmashtami to one and all!


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