'Seeing Art on Canvas is Normal. But Have You Seen Art on Wheels?'

It's just April and it's already so hot in Jaipur. While it's very normal to feel lazy on summer afternoons, the pink city has some amazing colourful April events to add some fun to your summer life! The month of April started with an event called Colorstrokes at Diggi Palace, Jaipur and now we have another beautiful event coming up for art lovers in the city - The Cartist Automobile Art Festival 2017.

When: from 12 April 9 a.m. to 16 April 7 p.m.

Where: Taj Jai Mahal Palace Hotel, Jacob Road, Jaipur

Who are the Cartist?

Have you been wondering about who is bringing colours to our pink city? Who is painting those walls outside different Jaipur Metro stations? Well, they are the artists in Jaipur from Cartist.

Cartist is a community that started in 2015 as an idea of creating 'Art for People'. It provides a platform that specializes in articulating Automobiles with Art and has been hosting an annual week long Cartist Automobile Art Festival in the Pink City since past two years.

Event Highlights - What you can expect from the Festival?

Visit them at the Cartist Automobile Art Festival 2017 that starts tomorrow to see amazing art work that you have never seen before. This is going to be the 3rd edition of their annual week long festival celebrating Art on Automobiles. This Art Festival by Cartist is all about:

  • Free Entry
  • Scooter Into Art Installation
  • Free Art Sessions
  • Car Painting
  • Free Workshops
  • Experience Art on Wheels

Get Ready to Witness Never Seen Container Art

This year the mega event Cartist Automobile Art Festival is ready to mesmerise everyone with soulful artwork at Taj Jai Mahal Palace Hotel, Jaipur from 12th-16th April 2017. In its third year after the first successful year in 2015, Cartist is introducing creative ways to make art find its way beyond the artistic society. Cartist is aiming to bring the technique to make the inventive thoughts live on canvas amongst the daily life of youngsters of Jaipur. It would help them find new avenues and learn from experts.

To make this year special, there would be artists presenting the unique form of Container Art, Scooter Painting, Art Installations, Sculpture Painting, Heritage Art, Live Painting on canvas and several others. Along with this, there is unique opportunity to witness the Vintage Cars being painted live. Artists would be spreading colours, breaking the stereotype to paint on canvas by Painting on the Vintage Cars Live and giving them the never seen before touch with joy. With this, they are keen to bring the concept of automobile art in the display.

Cartist has also planned Special Workshops for students of school and colleges to be delivered by core experts having in-depth subject knowledge free of cost. The workshops would be provided in the area of Photography, Mono Print, Wood Carving, Paper Craft, Pottery, Miniature, Caricature, Oil Painting, Graphic Art, etc. for all 5 days. Artists from all dimensions are all set to spell the word of magic in the aura of Jaipur. This week-long festival can be seen as an unmissable platform for both art lovers and others to be able to scan through diverse art forms and find the one which best fits them.

The artistic joy would also be pulled forward in the lives of the common man by putting the art on display in the form of Solo Exhibitions constituting 7 in number, featuring artists including Anirban Dhar, Rajshree Dutta, Jogi Art, Swathi Vashisth’s 'Then and Now' and others.  This air of art is already all over the town. For this, artists including several prominent artists like Himmat Shah are going to come from various corners of the country to demonstrate their artwork.

Projects So Far

The Cartist have organised several Art Exhibitions in Jaipur so far at prominent places of Jaipur like Albert Hall, Jal Mahal, Airport, and Hawa Mahal. They also initiated a program called ‘Auto Art of Rajasthan’ as a part of Resurgent Rajasthan 2015 under which several auto-rickshaws were painted by artists, which now form a part of the visual culture of Jaipur. Cartist has painted a few Railway stations in Jaipur with different forms of art. In 2016, Cartist bought the concept of Moving Art by hosting prominent artists from across the country, who painted ten Tata Nano during Cartist Automobile Art Festival 2016.

Recently they worked to create artworks at Jaipur Metro stations as a part of a public art project with a motive to promote art, culture and heritage. This drive was also taken as an initiative to make people of Jaipur more sensitive towards keeping public places clean and beautiful. All of these artworks are a reflection of the art and culture of Rajasthan.

Visit the Cartist Automobile Art Festival 2017 from 12-16 April at Jai Mahal Palace, Jaipur. This is indeed one of the biggest automobile art festival in India. The event will be the finest art festival of its kind with its aim to bring art closer to the lives of people, creating art for people and spreading the joy of creating artworks as a bundle of happiness and bliss.


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