Horrible Accident at Chomu House Circle in Jaipur Leaving 5 Dead

A horrible mishap that crushed 5 lives on early Tuesday morning made us question the unpredictability of life once again. This happened when an overloaded truck carrying salt lost its balance and fell over a car at Chomu House Circle in Jaipur.

In the tragedy, a beautiful couple, who got engaged on 8th February and were set to get married on 19th November, also lost their lives. Roshni and Rahul planned to visit Nahargarh along with cousins to enjoy the sunrise and the early morning ride. But the accident led to untimely death for the beautiful two. Rahul resided in Laxminarayanpuri in Ramganj area of Jaipur and worked as a jewellery designer in Hong Kong. Roshni too, was a jewellery designer and lived in Malviya Nagar Sector-2 of Jaipur.

The two families were busy with preparations for the wedding, which was planned a few months later in November. As per their plan, Rahul showed up at Roshni's place early morning to pick her and the other up for a joy ride to Nahargarh. The couple along with Roshni's sister Jyoti (32), Roshni's nephew Nitesh (19) and niece Avantika (18) left the house at around 3:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

According to reports, the truck carrying salt bags was coming from Sansar Chand Road. The vehicle lost balance due to overweight near Chomu House Circle and fell on the car moving next to it around 4 a.m. in the wee hours. The car was flattened on the road as not only the truck, but the sacks of salt also fell over it. Passersby gathered on the spot and called the police.

The bodies and the car were completely buried under the truck and the sacks of salt, crushed totally, until the police removed them with the help of locals and discovered 5 mutilated bodies under the mess.

Only Avantika was still alive by the time she was pulled out. Rest 4 had died. But she too died while undergoing treatment in the SMS Hospital of Jaipur.

Image Source - Rajasthan Patrika

It was about 5:30 a.m. that all bodies could be pulled out. The mutilated body parts of the victims were somehow sent for postmortem and their remains and the blood had to be scratched off from the road through brooms. Also, a lot of salt and blood had to be cleaned.

A man cleaning blood from the road after the mishap at Chomu House Circle in C-Scheme, Jaipur on Tuesday

The Police reported that the truck was heavily overloaded. It was carrying 47 tonnes of salt against the permissible limit of 27 tonnes. None stopped the truck even when it passed several police station areas before collapsing near the Chomu House Circle.

The truck driver ran away from the spot but was caught in Agra. He is reported to have been carrying the salt from Navan in Rajasthan to Agra.

Such incidents really break your heart. A couple that was going to start a life together is no more alive. And it makes us question the traffic laws too. Traffic laws need to be implemented strictly in the city. It is necessary that the laws are enforced strictly so that such innocent lives can be saved.

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