Jaipur is world famous for its historical monuments and traditions. The city is blessed with erstwhile royal ambience and one can experience it even while walking on the ordinary streets of old walled city. Here are the top 11 attractions of Jaipur which you must not miss on your trip to the pink city.

1. City Palace

This wonderful sprawling palace occupies a very large area of the legendary old walled city of Jaipur. The palace is a mesmerising blend of three schools of architecture: Rajput, Mughal and European. This seven storied building is the present residence of royal familydescendants. The compound houses several buildings. Diwan-i-Aam (Public Hall) is famous for its embellishments while Diwan i Khaas (Private Hall) is notable due to its marble flooring. Mubarak Mahal has a distinct identity as a comprehensive museum housing various artifacts, textiles and other items dating back to several centuries.

2. Jantar Mantar

This 18th century planet observatory was established by Mahraja Sawai Jai Singh, the founder of Jaipur. It houses a wide variety of massive equipments used to observe the planetary movements. Some of the noteworthy equipment include: Samrat Yantra and Enormous Sun Dial that is still in functioning order.

3. Hawa Mahal

Built by Mahraja Pratap Singh in 1799 this crown shaped monument is the ideal representative of Jaipur. This crimson colored monument was built especially for royal ladies to enjoy the street scenes through beautifully designed lattices without being seen by the public. It is worth mentioning that the palace now houses a museum that shows various artifacts associated with Jaipur.

4. Jaigarh Fort

This massive, sturdy fort perching atop on hills is the perfect example of beauty and strength. Entire fort is guarded by sprawling walls that have withstood the tyrannies of time and extremities of climate. It houses several artifacts used in erstwhile royal era. Equally interesting is its armory that houses the exquisite blend of aesthetically designed weapons of different eras and makes. The notable among them are: Rajput, Mughal and European weapons. The fort is famous for Jaivana, World's biggest canon on wheel during its time. The massive canon effortlessly attracts the attention.

5. Amer Fort

Prior to Jaipur Amber was the capital of Rajputana. Amer fort was built to ascertain the security of the capital. The fort is equipped with battlements and its strategic architecture was especially designed to foil the enemy's intentions. The sprawling fort contains many beautiful palaces and a famous temple of Goddess. Some notable palaces include Sukh Niwas (Summer retreat famous for its natural cooling system that kept the palace cool even in scorching summers), Sheesh Mahal that is famous for its exquisite mirror work that used to shine in the darkness like stars of the night. Diwan i Khaas and Diwan-i-Aam for exquisite architecture, embellished pillars and inlaid work. Kesar Kyari Garden and Maotha Lake are equally mesmerizing.

6. Nahargarh Fort

This fort was used to get the bird's eye view of the city. The fort is famous for its sturdy walls and several beautiful building. Notable among them are Madhvendra Bhawan that was used by the royal ladies for their residence. The only male to enter the palace was the King himself. Hawa Mandir is also famous and shows an excellent example of craftsmanship. The shooting of several period movies and tele-series has been done in this fort.

7. Albert Hall Museum

Earlier known as Albert Hall, this museum houses the artifacts from all over the world. Various archaeological pieces highlight different eras and the changes in human society brought by them. A large collection of handicraft shows the progressive phases of craftsmanship and artistic skills during different periods. Other collection includes coins, pottery, artifacts and weapons. It is a haven for those who have a keen interest in history.

8. Birla Planetarium

Dedicated to help the amateurs and connoisseurs alike, the planetarium houses some of the best equipments used for planet observations. For children it organizes educational programs supported by audio and visual media. It houses sophisticated computerized system to know more about the galaxy and stars.

9. Birla Mandir

Famously known as Birla Temple it was built in 1980s by the family of famous business Birlas. The temple is made of high quality marble and its whitewashed beauty exuding the rare blend of luxury and purity. The intricate designing on the roof and exquisitely carved idols instantly captivates the attention, the temple is known for its peaceful ambiance and spiritual environment.

10. Alice Garg Seashell Museum

This little known museum in Jaipur houses is a sea shell collections housing a wide variety of as many as 3000 seashells collected from different continents of the world. The collection comprises of various exquisite pieces of different sizes, shapes and Coors. Right from mini-sized shells that need magnifying glass to giant shells weighing more than 100 Kg you will be surprised by the huge collection it is populated with. The collection is sourced from Australia, Africa, South America, and North America and of course India. Some of the arrest shells can be found here. Finding a seashell museum in a desert city is an exceptional pleasure.

11. Moti Dungri Temple

Built in early 18th century by Seth Jai Ram Paliwal, the temple is situated in the center of the city. In fact the Temple is a part of the palace that used to be open to the public some time back. However, Right now it is only the temple that is open for the public. In fact the temple has many loyal worshippers and it is regarded as one of the most auspicious temple of Jaipur. Right from worshipping a new vehicle to the auspicious events of marriage ceremonies, one can see the long lines worshippers. People even present the very first invitation card of marriage functions to this temple. It is one of the best tourist spots of Jaipur, a must for people who are on religious or spiritual tourism.




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