Jaipur Bazaars

Jaipur's main walled city area encloses several vibrant bazaars (shopping areas) for different purposes such as jewellery shopping, Jaipur prints, Jaipur jooties, etc.
Bapu bazar is one of the oldest and best markets to shop in Jaipur.
Located between Tripolia gate and the new gate, the market runs parallel to the Johari Bazaar.
Situated close to the City Palace and Chhoti Chaupar,
Located between the Sanganeri Gate and Badi Chaupar, this place is the one-stop destination
Purohit Ji Ka Katla is a famous market area in Jaipur that holds a legendary position in the markets of Jaipur.
Situated between famous Chandpole gate and chhoti Chaupar, Chandpole is a market famous for a large variety of shops selling spices, marble sculptures, pulses and grocery items.
The legendary old walled city of Jaipur is famous for its centuries old bazaars and streets. One such place that will effortlessly captivate your attention is Badi Chaupar and Chhoti Chaupar.

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