Humans of Jaipur

Everyone has a story to tell. We capture such stories - inspiring tales, portraits, candid shots and random conversations with people of the beautiful pink city. Meet the Humans of Jaipur!
The 23-year-old Jaipurite, Deepika Sharma chose to pursue her passion for fashion blogging and she already has 35.5k followers on her blog.
Had we not planned opening a panipuri thela outside college? An engineer from Jaipur did it. Learn about this Jaipur engineer who opened Engineer ka Thela in the city!
Did you Know? The lyricist behind #HasiBanGayeHo’ song from #HamariAdhuriKahani is a Jaipurite?
The Jaipur girl, who tried hard to learn all those C and C++ languages but then, ended up doing something that she loves to do from the core of her heart...
Jaipur based artist Suvigya Sharma rose to fame with his fantabulous gold and miniature paintings. His paintings are featured in numerous celebrities' houses.
The life of hardships of a Dal Bati Churma wala in Jaipur

Traveller Information

Find out all you need to know about transport to, from and around Jaipur, including how to use an Jaipur metro. Helpful for Jaipurites as well as visitors