Diwali is such an exuberant way of telling each other, “Be happy and keep radiating like the brightness of diyas and fireworks”. Whenever Diwali comes, several things zoom through your mind, like the bright lights, the cleanliness, the exciting gifts, the reunion with relatives coming in together and that moment of bursting firecrackers.

Such is the joy and excitement of celebrating Diwali in Jaipur! So, coming back to one important part of Diwali celebrations in the pink city – Diwali Gifts, let us help you think of new and exciting gifts which can really bring immense happiness to someone. So, what are you thinking to get your loved ones, this Diwali? Let’s help you out in selecting perfect gifts for everyone close to you.

1. Starting with what to gift your parents

There should be something which should be a lovely surprise for your parents this Diwali. It can be that beautiful saree which your mother was love-struck at when she saw it hanging in a shop. You can get your father a smart wrist watch or say a very nice pen, which would always remain tucked in his pocket when he would be off to work. Your gift will always hold immense importance for your parents.

2. Gift for your siblings/cousins

No matter how much you fight with them, your siblings or cousins are one very important part of your childhood memories, your fun moments and your life. They are your biggest rivals and also the greatest supporters. So, let’s make their Diwali special with a huge box of chocolates and a casual road trip together to some exciting resort or just the highway. The least you can do is to gift them movie tickets and watch a film together the coming Diwali weekend.

3. A Diwali Gift to the One you love

Then comes the one you love and plan to spend the entire life together, also the one who loves you exuberantly. Surprise them with the latest edition hand bag or her favorite dress. Girls can look forward to gifting him a good perfume or else his favorite TV series which he loves watching. That could be very considerate gifts on this Diwali just to tell your lovers that no matter what, they are the reason your days and nights are alighted like this festival of lights.

4. A Diwali Gift for your Friends

Ah, who can forget that bunch of people in your life because of whom your life has been such a bright place! You can always plan a get together or else organize a house party which can bring all the people together. After all what could be a better gift than the moment when everyone is together rehearsing and reliving those old times again?

5. A Diwali Gift for your Neighbour

Your neighbours are also people who deserve a sweet smile, a respectful wish and a sensible gift, which can make them feel like they are and have always been a really wonderful neighbour to you. So, get that box of sweets to bring a smile to their faces.

6. A Diwali Gift for your extended family, the relatives

Relatives are also a part of the family regardless of everything they do or every time they turned you upset. Get fresh flowers or showpieces for their glass cupboards. Have some crazy photos framed for them in special photo frames.

7. A Diwali Gift to show respect towards your Teachers

Teachers hold an important place in shaping us in what we turn out to be. They are the reason that we can comprehend what education really is. So, you should definitely get some meaningful Diwali gifts for them like a decorative piece for their homes, some stationery items of use such as smart diaries or a pen, or you can also gift a nice quote framed and dedicated to them. They’ll always remember your sweet gesture.

8. A Diwali Gift for the elderly, your Grandparents

Grandparents are the people who always play a great role in your lives. They play with you, run after you, listen to your stories and tell you bedtime tales for endless times. What you can gift them this Diwali is perhaps a new cell phone where everyone’s contacts are already saved and also spare some time of your day getting friendly with the technology. Make them do video calls so that they can feel like being close to everyone in the family.

Nothing could be a better gift than teaching them to use gadgets like they taught you to hold a spoon in your early days.

9. A Diwali Gift for your Colleagues

Colleagues are the one who always make your gloomy days happier. So, you should reward their contribution in making office easier for you by taking them to the nearest restaurant for a good meal together. That can be a special day for them.

10. A Diwali Gift for yourself

After you are done with gifting everyone in your life with interesting stuff, do think of yourself as well. Get yourself something new this Diwali, something you have wanted since long such as that special new dress or a flight ticket to some destination you have always had on your bucketlist.

Thoughtful gifts are a great way to tell your special ones that they are really special to you. Also, the greatest gift which you can gift someone is your time. Reward your loved ones with your time and company this Diwali and not only on Diwali but very frequently. Because it is only in those moments with your loved ones that you actually live a life!

Live happily. Happy Diwali!


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