Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Jaipur

Jaipur is home to some of the most promising entrepreneurial ventures in the country. When we talk about entrepreneurial opportunities in the city, what works in Jaipur’s favour is the availability of good talent, lower cost of living, better quality of life and its proximity to capital city Delhi.

Although the startup eco-system is still evolving in Jaipur, it has everything needed to become a fast-growing startup hub. Indian government plans to develop Jaipur as one of the first 20 smart cities in the country, which is good news for startups in Jaipur.

Organizations Fostering Entrepreneurship

There are a few organizations like TiE, the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) Jaipur and AIESEC Jaipur, which have been working on promoting entrepreneurship in the city. These organizations run programs for young students to help them develop entrepreneurial, leadership and other necessary soft skills. These organizations aim to enrich young minds today, to give successful entrepreneurs tomorrow.

Benefits of Launching a Startup in Jaipur

Launching a startup in Jaipur is comparatively advantageous than opening one in metro cities or other developing cities and towns. Firstly, the cost of setting up a startup in Jaipur is much lower than that in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore. Jaipur houses several engineering colleges and other reputed institutions, which ensures a good flow of talent. Even people from outside are willing to relocate and work in Jaipur since the city offers them a peaceful, stress-free life (unlike metro cities). Moreover, they don’t have to commute for hours to reach work. For most of them, it only takes 10-15 mins, which gives them more time for life after and before work. People in the city are good and friendly, which helps in bonding and makes work fun! If you open a startup in Jaipur, getting fresh and good-level of talent is no issue. Something that is a bit difficult is to convince senior-level experienced people to join your firm.

Funding your Startup

Rajasthan state government and organizations like The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) are working on encouraging startups in the city. With their support, it has become easier for entrepreneurs to set up their ventures.

  • Startup Oasis by Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation and Ahmedabad’s IIM, has incubated 39 startups.
  • The Rajasthan Angel Investors Network (RAIN) has invested in 4 companies.
  • Startup Oasis, TiE and RAIN, together plan to mentor promising startups for 3 months. After that, RAIN will invest 15 lakh rupees each in 8 shortlisted startups, for 8% stakes.
  • Several leading angel investors such as IDG Ventures, Lead Angels, Unitus Seed Fund and Villgro, plan to invest in Jaipur companies.

Top Promising Startups in Jaipur

Jaipur currently hosts some 40 actively working startups. Some of the startups that seem promising, as of now, include:

  • The Ratan Tata backed automotive classified listing app, CarDekho
  • Hippo Cabs app that enables inter-city transport in sedans
  • RazorPay
  • Taaza Sabzi that delivers good-quality fruits and vegetables
  • Houssup that offers services in interiors and home furnishings
  • Indibni that offers gifting and branding solutions

Future of Startups in Jaipur

Startups have a bright, shining future in the city. Several of them are growing rapidly while many others are coming up every year. Here in Jaipur, people are open to taking risks and are very much ready to take a leap of faith and belief into entrepreneurship. They fear less about failures. Even families are supportive (mostly) when kids talk of entrepreneurship and startups rather than about taking up some high-profile jobs.


Jaipur is a place where entrepreneurial ventures are encouraged, welcomed and accepted whole-heartedly. The future is bright. So, if you have an idea to work on and the spirit of entrepreneurship, now you know - Jaipur is the city for you!

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