Women Entrepreneurs of Jaipur

“I am like that queen with an imaginable crown, my glory shines with

that happy glint on my face.

I am in that invincible strength of a runner, like a raging fire burning

in his veins.

My aura is as fresh as a winter morning, as rowdy as a lioness growling

and as peaceful as an infant snoring.

I seldom trip, fall and deter but never do I stop.

I am a revolution in myself. A dynamic symphony which can’t stop!

I am a WOMAN!”

- Nandni Gupta

Women are climbing that ladder of success, development and dynamism with full force in this complex and competition driven world. Women are flexible. They are found working everywhere nowadays whether it’s a bank, a male-driven office place, or say driving a metro!

Women are moving with such unstoppable speed that it’s actually great to see them working. Just like all across the world, women in the Jaipur city are hell inspiring.

We have women like the inspiring Alka Batra, who is currently the chairman of FICCI Flo (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry) and the owner of Aegis Jobs Pvt Ltd. and then Anastassiya Savchenko, who is the founder of the successfully running blog ‘Jaipur Women Blog’. Both these ladies are inspiring women entrepreneurs of the Jaipur city but they are not the only ones. There are many!

Let’s browse through the other aspiring names of women entrepreneurs in Jaipur, who have made us shine with pride!

1. Kaya Kalp’s Founder Kulsum Malik

Kulsum Malik had always wanted to do what she does now and that is beautifying the looks of people. She has always been interested in beauty, grace, poise and the overall look and personality of a person. She is someone who graces such charm and utters a magnetic quality about herself and her stores which have been amazingly run by a team of professionals.

Location: Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Marketing, 73, Suraj Nagar (E), Civil Lines, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302006

2. Alka Batra, a Successful Businesswoman of Jaipur

Alka Batra is a remarkable lady with all the tact and grit, poise and knowledge and courage and panache. She is the founder of Aegis Consultancy Services and has already proved herself self-righteous in the field of business. She is amongst the 1st generation of successful businesswomen in the Jaipur city.

Alka Batra has also been a great motivator to the women at FICCI Flo. People always talks about her buoyancy, her delectable aura and the utter confidence she exuberates.

3. Anastassiya Savchenko, the Founder of Jaipur Women Blog

Anastassiya Savchenko is a phenomenal woman who came up with the idea of one of the most successfully running blog, Jaipur Women Blog. Her blog showcases success stories of women in different spheres of life such as relationships, social issues, career, business and more.

“When my life in Jaipur started, I would watch the women of Jaipur intently. The women had a narrow circle, with no boosters. A desire for change and a struggle to find self-identity was brewing underneath those colorful bandhej sarees. But, there was hardly any awareness about what was going on next door! Hence, I made it my mission to construct a platform, which shall help uplift the middle class women of Jaipur. This is how ‘Jaipur Women Blog’ came into being.”

- Anastassiya Savchenko

She claimed that being happy is what defines the word empowerment and not any materialistic things like money fame and popularity!

4. Smita Jaipuria, the Expert of Packaging and Gifting

She is an enigma in herself. Smita Jaipuria is the expert of packaging and gifting solutions in Jaipur. She has overcome many obstacles to get where she is today! She got married at a very young age of 20 and came to Jaipur. Soon, after the marriage Smita and her husband underwent a financial crisis. This was when they started a handmade paper manufacturing venture. But unfortunately that also didn’t go well.

“I am a gold medalist in MBA but, paper is in my blood. I can do so much with just a sheet of paper. It runs in our family. I was born in Calcutta and have been to various places with my dad. In U.P., he was the president of IPPTA (Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association) and so, I have visited almost all big paper factories in the country,”

- Smita Jaipuria

Smita always wanted to do something related to paper. 17 years ago when there was no culture of packaging and gifting in Jaipur, she started her business which includes amazing decorative packaging of gifts and the business flourished like a raging fire.

Though at the time she started, she had no workforce or resources, she gave it her heart, mind and soul and thus, she knew success was near.

5. Princess Diya Kumari, a Role Model for Many

The woman, who is royal yet very much down to earth, is none other than Princess Diya Kumari of Jaipur. She belongs to the erstwhile royal family of Jaipur but is still easily approachable.

She successfully runs the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation that works for the empowerment of women through sustainable livelihood programs. Diya Kumari is an inspiring figure for all rural women, who are caught up in the old potential ways of domestic dogma. She is playing the part of an inspirational leader and motivator to inspire those women to find a meaning in some work and then do it whole-heartedly. She is a role model to all those women.


6. Nirmala Sewani, the Guide to your Future

Nirmala Sewani is the woman, who has the power to tell your fortune with just a look at your hand, the feel of your aura or the reverberations of your voice. Nirmala encompasses such amazing powers to interpret any negatives surrounding you, any positives which are yet to come and also the negatives which can be turned into positives.

Nirmala Sewani happened to make her first prediction when she was only 13 years of age in the Jaipur city. She told her 15 year old neighbour that she would run away soon from home. And a week later, that prediction came true!

Nirmala was unstoppable from then.

She has also acquired an in-depth knowledge in the fields of palmistry, astrology and voice analysis. She began her formal practice in 1989 and now is one of the much sought after soothsayer, whose long list of clients includes the big names from every sector.

She also runs offices in Jaipur and Gurgaon.

You can visit her at:

7. Archana Surana, Founder and Director of the ARCH Academy of Design

There is yet another beautiful and inspiration woman figure who has this ‘never to say die’ attitude. She is the perfect replica of a woman of substance.

Archana Surana is the founder and the director of the ARCH Academy of Design. The academy caters to the provision of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses in Fashion Design, Textile Design, Crafts, Jewelry Design and Accessory Design, Interior Design, Design Communication and Design Management with National & International certification.

Along this road of struggle and tact, Archana Surana has an experience over 18 years in the field of Design and Art.

Arch Academy of Design imparts professional and specialized courses with practical training and helps in building the foundation of a promising career of all individuals who join them.

8. Leela Bordia of Neerja International

Neerja International is the MAGIC which happened to us. In Jaipur city, where blue pottery has a very unique significance, this remarkable lady with her enthusiasm, innovational techniques and a strong belief in herself made it possible to revive the art of blue pottery.

Leela Bordia is one woman who had this bubbling curiosity and also the gullible creativity to make around 300 blue pottery products and to create her own 1000 unique designs.

Neerja International is a well acclaimed and one of the largest manufacturers/exporters of Blue Pottery today. It’s a warehouse and a showroom in the Pink City of Jaipur. The company supports hundreds of blue pottery craftsmen and their families, who are working in unison for building Neerja International, the biggest brand in Blue Pottery.

This list is long! We have a lot of women in Jaipur, who have opened a whole new demographic of creativity and innovation and thus brought a revolution in this male-driven society! Kudos to the women entrepreneurs in Jaipur and India!


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