Getting around Jaipur

Get around the vibrant city of Jaipur by public transport such as Jaipur low floor buses, Jaipur mini buses, Jaipur metro or using cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws, taxis or your privately owned cars and two-wheelers. The walled city area has compact, narrow lanes, which can be best explored on foot. Browse through this section to discover more on how to get around the city conveniently.
There are lots of options to get around the Jaipur city or to travel within the city. You can choose your preferred modes depending on time

Move around the Jaipur city using public transport such as the Jaipur low floor buses, mini buses and Jaipur metro. Browse through this section to dis…

Cabs are a convenient means of transport. They are safer and more comfortable but they charge double the rates of that of an auto rickshaw.

Historical Jaipur

Explore historic Jaipur through the ages, from royal land of rajput kings to the British colonial age.