There are lots of options to get around the Jaipur city or to travel within the city. You can choose your preferred modes depending on time, distance, comfort, budget and tolerance. Some of the most common modes of travelling within the city have been discussed here in brief.

Cycle Rickshaw

Cycle rickshaws are one of the popular modes of travel within the city. It is a nice experience to get around the old walled city of Jaipur in a cycle rickshaw. However, it may feel a bit uncomfortable to see some lean/old cycle rickshaw rider pulling you around with all his strength. But then, that is what they do for earning their living. So, if you don’t opt for them, it would only make their lives harder. Cycle rickshaws are slow and good for short distances. Another important thing to note here is that these are only available in some parts of the city.

We request you to not bargain too much with the cycle rickshaw riders since what they are doing is to earn bread for their family and not to build castles.

Auto rickshaws

The best way to get around the city is by an auto rickshaw. They are cheap and easy to find all around the city. Ensure that either the auto rickshaw driver turns on the meter or negotiate the fare in advance. You will need to bargain hard with them. Keep in mind that an average rate should be no more than Rs.4.5 per km with a minimum fare of Rs.10. When travelling from Sindhi Camp bus stand or the railway station, prefer taking up prepaid autos to get the right fares without bargaining.


E-rickshaws, which were first introduced in Delhi in 2010 made their way to Jaipur too and have now become a solution to travelling in the lanes of the walled city of Jaipur. You can see lots of e-rickshaws running in the city area that are eco-friendly as they run on electric charge and have zero emission. They not only save energy but your money too. These are also being used as JMRC's official Metro Feeders.



Cabs are a convenient means of transport. They are safer and more comfortable but they charge double the rates of that of an auto rickshaw. It is advisable to take a cab when you are travelling to a far off place or somewhere to the outskirts of the Pink City. Also note that you won’t find cabs running on the streets easily, except in the airport areas. Cabs have to be booked in advance and they will pick you up from wherever you want. Negotiate the fare in advance.

JCTSL low-floor buses

Jaipur City Transport Service Limited (JCTSL) runs around 100 low floor buses, which includes both AC and Non-AC buses, around the city. The buses have different route numbers and each route no.’s bus runs on a different route. They are quite convenient and popularly used modes of commuting to and from work for many Jaipurites. The low-floor buses travel through most of the prominent sites, educational institutions, hospitals, city areas, etc., making it easier to get around the city.

Jaipur mini buses

JCTSL (Jaipur City Transport Service Limited) also operates a large fleet of private city mini buses for the public, which serves as a good means of public transportation in the city. There are a total of 55 private mini buses, operating across 1000 bus stops in the city from 5a.m. in the morning to 9p.m. in the evening. However, these mini buses are often packed and you might have to let go a few buses in order to take up a bus that has some vacant seats available.

Bikes and other Two-Wheelers

Owning a bike or a two-wheeler is the easiest way to get around the city of Jaipur. But you need to have a driving license for the same. Most of the Jaipurites, especially the youth, love to ride their own bikes or other two-wheelers like Activa, to move in and around the city. This way they don’t have to wait for buses or rickshaws and then bikes are easier to pass through the traffic on the roads of Jaipur. But then, riding a bike in scorching summer heat or during winds and rains can be a bit troublesome.


Driving your own car is the best for long drives. Cars offer more comfort when compared to bikes. You can enjoy the cool atmosphere with your car’s AC on, not having to worry about the heat, rain or wind outside. Cars are a safer means of getting around the city and more convenient when you travel with family or a group of friends. Another benefit of moving around in a car is that you can enjoy the songs and RJ talks streaming on different radio stations in Jaipur. But then, when travelling in a car, it is not easy to get through the city’s traffic and you may often end up getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Jaipur Metro

Jaipur Metro is a rapid transit system but, it is currently under construction in the Jaipur city. For now Jaipur metro has just connected Mansarovar to Chand Pole. The first train starts at 6:45a.m. and the last one leaves at 9p.m. The fares are reasonable and it’s a fast means of travelling. But Jaipurites will have to wait a bit more for Jaipur metro to get completely functional and make it easier to get around the city.



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