10 Reasons Why People Love Jaipur

Jaipur – the city which is infused with colorful colors, magnificent forts, exquisite arts and the traditional sculptures and artefacts which are the famous elements of the pink city.

The history of Jaipur city dates back to the golden era where the Prince of Wales, came to India on a tour. As the sweet colour pink, was considered symbolic to hospitality, the whole city was embraced in this beautiful shade, for the warm welcome of the Prince by the Great Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh of Jaipur. Thus, the Jaipur city is dripped in old traditional values, magnanimous monuments, contemporary arts and jewelry, Rajasthani food and art forms and much more, which can lure the hearts of a person who has a traveler spirit.

Let’s discuss about a list of 10 reasons why people love Jaipur –

1. The Big Beautiful Monuments

jal mahal palace jaipur

Jal Mahal Palace, Jaipur

The forts, historical monuments, Museums, Gardens, Temples, Marketplaces and many more are major attractions of the city of Jaipur. One can be charmed by its architecture, the great old stories of the Maharajas and their artefacts which are so dripped in the contemporary times of the city.

2. A Trip to the Market

The colourful Jaipur Markets

The colourful Jaipur markets

The markets of pink city are found dripped in the intrinsic Rajasthan touch with oodles of mirror work clothes, resham embroidered tops and salwar, the lac bangles, the precious stone jewelry and much more which can set a woman’s heart rolling in her chest.

The marketplaces which one can visit in the Jaipur city are –

  1. Johari Bazaar
  2. Tripolia Bazaar

Explore more of Jaipur markets to get indulge in some shopping fun.

3. The Food Hunt

Jaipur food

Jaipur Food – Ghewar and Golgappas and Bhel Puris

The sizzling and yummy delicacies of Jaipur which includes the amazing gol gappas, the famous lassi glasses, the samosa & kachoris, the road side bhel puris, the sweet ghewar and phinis and many such attractive items of food, which can make any person who is visiting Jaipur, go crazy with this food fiesta.

You can visit these unique food places in Jaipur to eat and drink–

  • The lassiwala on M.I. Road
  • The Rawat’s Kachori
  • The Rajasthani Food of Chokhi Dhani

4. The Beautiful Photogenic Resorts of Jaipur

Photogenic resorts and hotels of jaipur

Photogenic resorts and hotels of Jaipur

The attractive & splendid resorts and hotels of Jaipur, which have a traditional aura and heritage feel about them, with everything ranging from their rich food delicacies to amazing hospitality with a Rajasthani touch, are the major attractions of Jaipur.

One must visit:

  • The Rambagh Palace
  • The Jai Mahal Palace
  • The Grand Uniara Hotel
  • The Le Meridian Hotel

5. The famous Elephant Festival

Rajasthan folk dance and Elephant Festival

Rajasthan Folk Dance and Elephant Festival

The famous elephant festival, which is one of the major attractions of Jaipur city, is held every March. It incorporates a number of events like kalbelia dance, the female peacock dance and many such cultural events which are really beautiful for a visitor.

6. The Attractive Art Forms

Art work

Art Work on the walls of the Historical Monuments of Jaipur

Jaipur Art is amazingly famous with its beautiful floral patterns, the traditional art forms and many more which invites a whole lot of people from around the globe to study and learn the real essence of the attractive art forms.

People can visit these places which exhibit the best art forms-

  • The City Palace
  • The Amer Fort
  • The Palladio (Café in Jaipur)
  • Jawahar Kala Kendra Art Exhibitions

7. The Famous Jaipur Jewelry

Jaipur jewellery

Jaipur Jewelry

The beautiful jewelry and the gemstones of Jaipur is another major attraction which includes precious, semi-precious, silver and gold jewelry which lulls a person’s heart in just the flick of the fingers. One may find the famous Jaipur jewelry in the following markets -

  • MI Road
  • Tripolia Bazaar
  • Chaura Rasta

8. The Mehandi Art

 mehandi art of jaipur

Mehandi Art of Jaipur

The pink city is famous for its beautiful Mehandi Art, on the palms which looks ravishing with its beautiful patterns drawn on the hands, reflecting an artistic desire in the city of Rajasthan.

9. The Festival Aura of Jaipur


Holi Celebrations of Jaipur

The festival time, is one time when the whole pink city is draped in the fever of enjoyment and frolic times, with amazing and colorful photos, splayed all over everyone’s Facebook account like the fusion of graffiti art. You must enjoy these popular festivals in Jaipur at least once in your lifetime -

10.The Jaipur Prints

jaipur art

Jaipur Prints – Hand Block Printing

The famous Jaipur prints which includes hand block printing, the tie & die prints and many more. Some wooden blocks are dipped in paint colours and are then stamped on fabric clothes which leave multiple imprinted designs on them. It’s a really famous textile design form in Jaipur, which every marketer and buyers are fond of!

Jaipur city is filled with such alluring and beautiful art forms, delicious food, colourful festivals, the smart textiles and many more articles of attractions, which have this amazing power to win trillion of hearts.

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