Jaipur’s Padmanabh Singh speaks about His Life as a Royal

Padmanabh: A brief of royalty, schooling, polo playing and surprising friends

Jaipur's youngest `Maharaja' Padmanabh Singh who belongs to the royal family of Jaipur gets candid and talks about the demands of being a royal ruler and also living like a commoner even after.

“I never introduced myself as a royal while studying abroad” says Padmanabh.
The young Maharaja was anxious on representing the Rajasthan Polo Team at an international level in a series of exhibition matches in the United States Of America.

Padmanabh holds an experience of playing with Prince William. The young Maharaja surprised his friends with his `oh-so-royal' look on his 18th birthday which was followed by his crowning as the royal ruler­.

On being the youngest Maharaja:

Padmanabh expressed that “There is a lot of responsibility and a bit of pressure to act as an ambassador for my family as well as Jaipur especially when I am representing the city abroad.
On the other hand, I also feel privileged.
There are a lot of perks too, people recognise you everywhere. But you can't really be free.
There is always a pressure to be at your best behaviour. “


I am Pacho, not Padmanabh – The whims of the young ruler

Padmanabh in his school times made sure that nobody refers to him with his real name. He was known by the name ‘Pacho’ back then and not Padmanabh.
Having taken his schooling education from Mayo College and Millfied School in England, he shared that his parents sent him out of Jaipur because they wanted him to experience a normal life.

Back at the boarding college Mayo in Ajmer, not many people were aware about the royal background of Padmanabh.
Given that there were a few family friends of Padmanabh studying together with him at Mayo college and knew about his royal background, but the young king did not make an attempt to introduce himself as belonging to the royal family or being royal in nature.

High school and identity revelations – Not really!

Padmanabh went to England for completing his high school education. There, nobody knew about the royal background from where Padmanabh was hailing from.
Only until the summer of 2016 that Padmanabh finished his schooling and that his crowning as a royal young ruler took place that people got to know him as the royal ruler.

Hostel room door says Pacho Singh – The commoner

In the hostels in England where Padmanabh was pursuing his high school, names were written on the doors of the rooms. The name ‘Pacho Singh’ was inscribed of Padmanabh’s room. The young ruler lived the life of an absolute commoner and did things that every guy of his age would do.
Attending house parties, having fun with friends at coffee shops and other like and simple things is what Padmanabh has enjoyed as a commoner in England.

People in United Kingdom go gaga about it if a person belongs to the royal family

It is a matter of pride and is much talked about in United Kingdom if one belongs to the royal family. This is because of Queen Elizabeth II.
When friends of Padmanabh got to know about him belonging to the royal family of Jaipur, they were surprised. Tales spread around that Pacho belongs to the royal family in Jaipur.

Prince Charles – A mighty personality:

In a recent prospect, Padmanabh played against Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge. The former was ecstatic with the attention and service that he was given by the father of Prince William, Prince Charles.
Padmanabh remembers a meet with Prince Charles when the former was of a very young age. He expresses that Prince Charles has been very respectful towards him and his family. “

Grandfather – love for polo – playing polo

  • Seeing horses ride and run around was a common sight for Padmanabh since an early age. The young king took the sport positively and indulged into it on a serious note only after he entered his teens. Previously he was very scared of horses.
  • He started to ride horses four years back and playing on a professional level is a task he began only 3 years back.
  • He believes that he has personally made a lot of progress in the sport in these 4 bygone years. He also adds that he has got hold of sufficient positive chances as his father Narendra Singh is also a polo player.
  • Padmanabh’s grandfather, the late Brigadier Sawai Bhawani Singh was a fanatical polo player. He let Padmanabh accompany with himself to every polo tournament as he had the desire for Padmanabh to take up the sport too.


  • Padmanabh wished that he should have begun to play polo as a sport when his grandfather was alive. He believes that his grandfather would have lived more had he seen his grandchild play a sport he admired from the bottom of his heart.
  • Sadly, the year Brigadier Sawai Bhawani Singh passed away was the year Padmanabh started playing polo.

Surprised friends on seeing the royal ruler on his 18th birthday:

When the 18th birthday of the royal ruler was celebrated lately, his friends were amazed to see the pictures of him in the royal attires as it was not an everyday sight for them.

Big B sways away Padmanabh:

An ardent aficionado of the Bollywood’s senior artist Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, Padmanabh expresses that the artist is very grounded and humble.
Mr. Bachchan visited the royal family to celebrate and be a part of the event which was in light of Brigadier Sawai Bhawani Singh’s birthday.
Padmanabh expresses that Mr. Bachchan met everyone present in the family and gratified the want of people who wanted to be clicked with the super star.

Music is not my cup of tea, horses are:


Padmanabh expresses that horses take up the most of his time. The young ruler has no time for listening to music. Travelling, playing polo and spending time with family and friends is what his schedule speaks of. Watching television is also not on his list.

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