One New Startup Coming Up in Every 3 Days in Jaipur; 100+ Jobs per Month

City of Jaipur is Emerging as a Startup Destination; Building New Job Market for Youngsterszz

Jaipur is growing fast as a fresh new startup destination. The rising number of startups in the city has created a job market, which is good news for city students. According to stats, one new startup opens up in every 3 days in the city, offering jobs to 100+ people each month. It is a good market for students who couldn’t gain much from their college placement opportunities. Along with them, many youngsters are willingly giving up on their high-pay jobs to choose the learning opportunities one gets in a startup.

Although the average salary package is not that good, but still youngsters are pretty much interested in startups. They believe that the new generation is all about startups and there is no better learning platform than joining a startup.

Future Possibilities

In the past 3 years, the number count of startups in Jaipur has crossed 500. In such a scenario, you can only think of the number of job opportunities that are rising in the city. Every other day, some or the other startup keeps looking for skilled professionals for their backend, front, marketing and technical support needs. If you hear experts, they have estimated that there will be over 2500 job vacancies in Jaipur by next year.

The Reason Behind Local Hiring

Gaurav Moondara, a startup owner says that he has a staff of 30 members, 50% of which are freshers and local youth. The rest 50% are experienced. He says that hiring local staff is less expensive when compared to hiring people from outside. Moreover, local people are more comfortable working with the company. This is the reason why startups are keener to hire local talent.

Another startup owner, Anuj Agrawal says that startups are more concerned about talent rather than marks of a candidate. However, most youngsters have the misconception that they won’t be able to join a startup if they couldn’t get college placements. On the other hand, Jaipur startups have huge demand for talented local professionals.

Startups from other cities in Jaipur

Startups based in cities like Bengaluru and Gurgaon, are now opening offices in Jaipur as well. They are interested in providing jobs to Jaipur youth. Bengaluru based startup and the Gurgaon based startup Companion are soon going to open their offices in Jaipur. Startup owner Gautam Arjun and Yuvraj Sharma reveal about their plans to employ more than 20 people from Jaipur. Gautam believes that Jaipur gives them the right talent pool. It gets more costly to hire Jaipurites for their offices in Bengaluru and Gurgaon. Plus, the survival of the youth also remains unstable.

However, since they have their own homes and families in Jaipur, hiring them in Jaipur is easier. Living in families also has a positive effect on their productivity. Moreover, the cost of setting up offices in Jaipur is less costly and easy to manage. And then you have ample of growth opportunities in the city. Startups usually look for multitasking talent so as to save their cost of hiring individuals for each process.

Colleges Need to Change their Traditional Placement Process

Startups are hiring local talent for jobs and internships from colleges as well. Now it is time for colleges to bring a little change in their placement process. This is because startups look for multitasking talent during their hiring process. They can ask engineering students to try their hands out at marketing and ask marketing background people to work on content as well. Therefore, colleges must prepare students for multitasking so as to help in creating a good startup ecosystem.

Vivek Jain, the owner of a job portal, shares that up to 60-70% of jobs today are in the startups. The city of Jaipur is also a promising marketplace for the same. But at present, there is lack of a structured system, because of which most of the hiring for startups occurs through reference, WhatsApp groups, social networking, consultants and websites. The city needs a well-structured startup ecosystem for systematic hiring in startups.

How to Know about Startup Jobs?

To get to know about startup jobs in Jaipur, you can visit some websites like, Hire Tale and Startup Oasis. They allow you to get information about job opportunities in startups in Jaipur. Another medium to gain info about the rising opportunities is to be active on social media and networking. Some of the most popular platforms for the same include Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

On average, startups offer a salary package of 2.5 to 3 lakh rupees per year.

There exist a lot many opportunities. You just need to grab them and get going. All the best youngsters!


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The rising number of startups in the city has created a job market, which is good news for city students.