Because it is about the silver, golden and platinum years of togetherness!

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The precious moments of one’s own life are the celebrations with one’s own partner. The moments from where the journey of togetherness commenced – the marriage. Cherishing them is what had been an affair for people. Taking a look back at the photo albums and reminiscing those moments along with your spouse is truly blissful.

Trends change, modernization seeps in and we flex our self to stay parallel with the present times. Marriages were a onetime affair, as they are called the Big Fat Indian Wedding. Living those moments yet again in the exact same manner is a trend that has taken up and is exceptionally prevalent nowadays. The immense gardens all decked up, flowers on the path of the bride and the groom, people all suited up in the best of their outfits and jewellery, multi cuisine laid in a buffet, grand entries, music and pomp, the midnight rituals and a lot more.

Shekhawat Family

Reliving the fine marriage moments will be exceptionally unbelievable for one. Present generation kids, grand children and families are making these less thought of dreams take a real form and essence for their parents to experience. Organizing these ceremonies and occasions make present day kids and youngsters feel accountable and responsible for their parents. Giving their parents a chance to travel back in time and cherish love and laughter.

25 years of togetherness with your spouse make you a silver jubilee couple, 50 years of togetherness make you a golden jubilee couple, and 75 beautiful years together make you a platinum jubilee couple. Take those vows again, relive your garland ceremony, meet and greet your guests and friends in the very same fashion as it were to be your marriage for the first time!

The locality Vaishali Nagar in the city of Jaipur has this trend taking a high speedily. Celebrating the jubilees and treasuring happiness.

Vaishali Nagar was under a quick happy survey and the doers and the making-it-happen youngsters as well as the people reliving their marriage were spoken to for how they felt and what all happens in such events.

20-25 years ago, our parents were the one who married us, and now our very own kids are marrying us in the exact same fashion. The very same pomp and joy, guests, groom procession on the horse, the seven circumambulations, all these leave the present day parents tear eyed and gleeful.

Not leaving out any ceremony | Everything from the scratch

Youngsters, kids and families are not limiting the ceremonial processions merely to cake cutting or garland ritual. All the rituals and functions of a typical marriage are organized from the scratch to live through each and every moment. It has been observed that traditional rites of oiling, haldi, mehendi, toran, engagement, dance night etc. all are performed in an extravagant way. The difference that sets in today’s time is that of the value of money and the time invested in organizing all the ceremonial practices.

Preparations for ceremonies begin to take place months before the marriage. In an exact same manner, preparations for the anniversaries also begin months before the actual function is about to take place. Activities range from choosing a proper venue, getting invitation cards printed, finalizing the functions etc.

And when it comes to the cost:

A mere amount of 10-20 thousand was enough to organize the marriage some 50 years back. In present day, a mere amount of 5-10 lakhs is required for a routine and a small scale function. Youngsters believe that there has to be no stone left unturned in organizing the perfect anniversary function for their parents who have given their life and soul and time in their upbringing and giving them the best of everything.

Bold summary of functions that take place:

  • Baraat
  • Ring ceremony
  • Toran
  • Chaak-Bhaat
  • Ladies Sangeet – Dance Night
  • Wedding Reception

Some also take a long way and live through every minute details and functions. Going to the temple and praying to the god and goddesses is a traditional ritual. Planting trees is a new and innovative idea people are supporting in present days. A cake cutting ceremony, donating things to the poor people and celebrating and throwing a lavish party at a hotel or restaurant is a common gesture and ceremony people organize.

People of Vaishali Nagar have their experiences to share:

  • “Brother and kids of the family got together to commemorate the anniversary. It was quite memorable and every one enjoyed to the core.” – Hari Singh Shekhawat-Keshar Kanwar
  • “When we got married, we had not dreamt that we will relive those moments again and get married in the exact same manner and style. Kids got together to organize everything and have left us spellbound and ecstatic. There has been a lot of change over the period of time.” – Badri Singh Bhati-Kamla
  • “All the traditional rituals and practices of a marriage were done. The pundit made us do the circumambulations. The wish and action of our children to organize an anniversary so grand has given us immense happiness.” – Surajmal Sharma-Susheela
  • “Our golden jubilee anniversary was celebrated in a different fashion. We planted trees in the Kulish Smriti Van, Jaipur and spent quality time with each other.” – Omprakash Sharma-Munni


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