Martyr Place: Amar Jawan Jyoti in Jaipur to be lit up by the buzz of stalls

It has been previously in news that Amar Jawan Jyoti, a place for the heroism of the martyrs of the country is all set to experience the development of a museum in its backside. Government of the state has planned to lit up the place with cheer and buzz of stalls. The atmosphere of the place will witness the set of stalls which is said to be 20 in number.

Shops and their styles:

The place will be constructed with two different styles of stalls, where one portion will consist of stalls which speak of items which are a tribute to the martyrs and soldiers and their heroic acts. These items will take the form of caps, national flag, keychains etc.

The second portion which will be quite adjacent to the erstwhile stated portion will consist of food and eatable items. Both the stalls will aim for mass selling.

Operations and their charge:

Both the portions along with their stalls will be on the main entrance area on the Janpath road. These stalls are primarily said to be operated by the Jaipur Development Authority after which it is said that these stalls will be given on rent to operate.

There are some inquisitions about the setup of food stalls.

The construction and concept of this museum and its surrounding area is directly under the control and surveillance of the chief minister of the state. The officers of the Jaipur Development Authority are curtailing from giving in their opinions or suggestions due to the direct control of the chief minister.


Costs associated with this museum and stall construction is estimated to be near about 5 crores INR.

Designs | Lighting | Water Fountains

Amar Jawan Jyoti is also set to be lightened up in a circumventing phenomenonwith the spectacular laser lights coupled with the sound effects and a rising 100 feet fountain. Beauty will leave the visitors in awe of the place. This light and sound show is expected to take place in the evening time.

Amar Jawan Jyoti on its outer space will be covered in cobal-granite stones with picturesque jali work. A boundary wall will secure the museum which on entering inside will lead to a main door. The water fountains will be accompanied with a water pump. A staircase for seating will also appeal the visitors.

The Sawai Mansingh Stadium will also witness some renovations. The primary entrance to the stadium will see a change in its design. The design is being done in accordance to Jaipur’s famous stones. In front of the museum, on the opposite side of the road, a staircase has been established

To allow the visitors to seat themselves comfortably.

A quick brief of the construction in each of the 20 upcoming stall areas:

  1. The statues of the heroes of the three armies of the country along with the story of their bravery being told through hymns and melodious songs.
  2. Rajasthan’s Maharana Pratap will be depicted by an art form with a special depiction of the war times.
  3. The head gears of the soldiers which were used as a means to protect their face and head during war times. These head gears will be showcased in a designer (karigari) form.
  4. A gallery full of the weapons used by soldiers.
  5. Soldiers in position along with their weapons at the country’s border.
  6. NAtional flag and its tales.
  7. An insight into the uniforms worn by the air force, army and navy. Detailed information about each and every part of the uniform.
  8. A depiction of the lives and lifestyle of the soldiers.
  9. Statues of the soldiers in different states and positions and times.
  10. Photo gallery with special highlights of the army and soldiers from the state of Rajasthan.
  11. Soldiers who became a hero and an idol for the nation.
  12. Two soldiers hoisting a flag on the top of a mountain hill.
  13. A depiction of the navy, its soldiers and their life. Soldiers keeping an eye from the ship towards the surrounding.
  14. Photo gallery depicting the bravery and tales of the air force.
  15. A movie gallery based of the nation.
  16. The art and know-how of fighting.
  17. Soldiers on position and guarding the boundaries in a desert area. The wiring done on the border of the nation will also be on display in this section.
  18. A showcase of the last post of the army.
  19. Museum shop: A place comprising of all the arts and artifacts and memoirs of the martyrs and soldiers of the nation for the purpose of sale. Eg: keychains, caps, national flag etc.
  20. Eatables and food items for sale with the motive of refreshments for the public.


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