Rajasthan University’s Design Innovation Center to start in July

Recently the issue related to B.Tech and M.Tech courses was raised in the CCT Center for Converging Technology of the Rajasthan University. CCT was established in the year 2006 but even when 10 long years have passed, it has not been made regular yet. This Thursday, students of CCT were seen protesting in front of the Vice Chancellor JP Singhal’s office along with their leader Akhilesh Pareekh to raise their demand of making the courses regular.

Design Innovation Center (DIC)

The same department had a plan to start DIC some 2 years back. MHRD had proposed to start Design Innovation Center program for students in 20 universities. One of which, was the Rajasthan University. Funds of worth Rs.10 crores were also granted by MHRD to each university 1 year back for the same. Delhi University started this program from July 2015 itself but the program hasn’t started yet in Rajasthan University’s CCT. However, it is expected to start this July.

Benefits of Design Innovation Center (DIC)

With the start of the Design Innovation Center in Rajasthan University, the students’ innovation culture is expected to get a boost. Also it will help in their creative problem solving and promote knowledge sharing. It will act as a platform to connect with industries, government institutions and research laboratories related to innovation in a better way. DIC is also expected to promote inter disciplinary design, innovation, creativity and flagship programs in the field of design and innovation.


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Rajasthan University’s Design Innovation Center is expected to finally start this July. The plan was proposed 2 years back.