Ms. Sharmila Tagore Pays A Visit To Jaipur For A Program By FICCI Flo in Jaipur

An event of FICCI Flow in City of Jaipur

Technology has made things faster, easier and better but is it correct? This is what we presume Ms. Sharmila Tagore Ji hinted at when she expressed that whenever she sits down and looks up for her name on the web, Wikipedia results display her, her personal profile information which is erroneous.

Ms. Tagore reveals that her place of birth is the Kanpur city in India, whereas Wikipedia reads it as Hyderabad. She was born in the year 1946, but yet again, her year of birth mentioned on the web is 1944. This without a doubt does not make her happy we believe.

Having played noteworthy and heart stirring roles in her reel life and her acting period, the stunning actress Ms. Tagore has had a good fortune to experience being a mother, a grand-mother and a mother-in-law. Ms. Tagore is a mother to three children. Saif Ali Khan and Soha Ali Khan are familiar names in the bollywood industry; Ms. Tagore is the mother to these popular actors.

Last Friday, May 6, 2016, Ms. Tagore was invited by FICCI Flo to be a part of a program in the city of Jaipur. The program had been titled at “Power of Choices”. Excerpts from the program found her to be talking on women issues. She tells that even after women being a major part of the economy and an earning member of families, income earned by them is usually regarded as “extra income”. Our income and contributions are not measured as a part of economical growth. This conversation took place when she spoke on the issue of earning equality in the Bollywood industry between actors and actresses.

Well she also had a disregard for this belief of hers and accepts that in present times the industry has undergone many a changes. She expresses that actresses in Bollywood have begun to charge for their movies and capabilities in equality to men. Women play lead roles in movies and take forward the movie with no male actor altogether in the movie or no male actor in lead in the movie.

Believing in quality education:

Ms. Tagore strongly holds belief in quality and high education for all. On being asked by the listeners about dropping school at an early age of 13 years, Ms. Tagore responded that she made a switch of her school and did not drop out of her school.

She expresses that education has, is and will be essential in all times.

Bollywood movies and their per-requisites:

It is known that Ms. Tagore was an actress who has performed in Bengali cinema in previous times. Ms. Tagore shared that lip singing was not a requirement in Bengali movies. When she turned to bollywood and started taking up bollywood movies and acting in the same, it was a task for her to lip sing for the songs. An instance she remembered and quoted of this lip singing act was for a song “Kashmir ki kali ke deewana hua baadal” where Smt. Asha Bhosle Ji, a celebrated singer of the bollywood industry was herself at hand to assist Ms. Tagore in lip singing.

Bollywood and movies after marriage for an actress – A debatable mystery!

Ms. Tagore puts across that there is no recipe that one can give to another or that can be followed to maintain one’s bollywood career and success post marriage. This was said in context to women as actors. Success solely depends on individual outlook and management of one’s own life and profession. She states an example of her own and says that she did not halt performing in movies after being a mother too. An actress has to maintain herself for performing standards.

An act gone wrong – she herself to be answerable

Ms. Tagore shared a personal incident that dates back to the marriage of her son and actor Saif Ali Khan and her daughter-in-law and actress Ms. Kareena Kapoor Khan. While invitation cards were being sent out to friends and family, Ms. Tagore sent out an invite to a friend of her husband addressed to him and his wife. Unknowingly and unfortunately Ms. Tagore was not aware of his wife having passed away. Ms. Tagore speaks on this, had her husband, Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, cricketer and former captain of the Indian cricket team being alive at that time, he would have not made this mistake as he was exceptionally meticulous about details.

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