Jaipurites are making Jaipur Proud by joining the Indian Navy

As kids, we all dream of what we want to become when we grow up. Some plan to be doctors while others plan to light up homes with their engineering skills. And then in the same world we have kids like Gaurav, who always wished to serve the nation when he grows up. Today, Gaurav Mehra, who resides at Khirni Phatak, Jaipur, is extremely happy to have finally achieved the way to live his childhood dream. He has been selected to join the Indian Navy.

Gaurav’s story

Gaurav shares that he was pursuing his B.Tech from Tamil Nadu when he felt completing his studies and joining a firm wouldn’t provide him the work satisfaction that he needs. He had always dreamt of doing something for the country. His seniors suggested him to apply for the Indian Navy via the University Entrance Scheme and he did.

After applying from the college, he visited the Navy Officers College, where he faced Group Discussion round. He had his name in the first list itself, which was a proud moment. Later he received a call letter for the SSB examination. He had started preparing for it three months in advance so he was kind of confident. Gaurav says that he had to pass through several examinations for 5 days, which included psychology test, medical test, ground task, personal interview, 2 GDs and more.

Gaurav credits his family for always being supportive of all his decisions and never come in the way of whatever he wished to do. The news of his selection came as a moment of pride and enlightened the faces of all family members. At the same time his mother is a bit worried for him. However, Gaurav won’t be working on the ship or in water. His job is limited to the land, where he will be designing ships for the Indian Navy as an architect and will also complete his M.Tech there itself.

 But Gaurav is not the only Jaipurite to be ready to join the Indian Navy. We have one more – Anisha, who belongs to a family where almost every member is serving the country’s forces. Someone is a Commander while another one is a Captain. The entire family is connected to the Indian Army or the Air Force. And now for the first time, someone from the family is going to join the Indian Navy. Let’s hear her story too.

Anisha’s story

Anisha says that the whole family is proud of her. She is one of the 4 selected candidates for the Indian Navy, out of the 200 who reported for the SSB test. 40 made it to the screening process, while only 4 could make it to the final selection.

“Though SSB examination is considered tough, I didn’t have to face much problems”, says Anisha. This is because Anisha belongs to an Army background because of which she had quite some idea about the approach of the test. She says that her family members supported her through all procedures and also gave her tips on clearing the test, which helped her a lot.

Anisha’s family is proud to have a daughter like her. They say that daughters/girls no more lag behind boys in any avenue of life. They are capable of achieving all that they wish to, with hard work and dedication.

Anisha pays special thanks to her maternal grandparents, where she had been living with. She was studying here in Vidhyut Nagar, Jaipur with them since the last 4 years. She also says that her parents Satyendra Singh and Kiran Rathore have also been there to guide her at all times.

We congratulate both of them – Gaurav and Anisha on their selection to the Indian Navy and wish them luck!

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As kids, we all dream of what we want to become when we grow up. Some plan to be doctors while others plan to light up homes with their engineering skills. And then in the same world we have some kids, who dream of serving the nation when they grow up.