Heavy Rains Cause Havoc in Rajasthan

Rains: A boon or a bane? Heavy rains cause havoc and disorder in the daily lives and happenings of Rajasthan

Rain Rain Go Away, Come again Another Day?

Well maybe this is what the people of the state are longing for as they are caught into the clutches of heavy rain and the havoc that it is creating. Heavy rainfall is taking place in the state of Rajasthan and causing mayhem in numerous towns and cities of the state.

Kids jumped into a water trench, supposedly an open tank and drowned:

  • On Tuesday, August 9, 2016, a village named Khoksar near the Barmer district in the state of Rajasthan had six children pass away due to drowning.
  • These children were asked to recede back to home from school as the school shut down due to a dense shower.
  • On returning, the little children mischievously jumped into a ditch in an attempt to enjoy themselves in the rain.
  • The children however could not take control of the flow of water and 6 out of the lot of 7 drowned. The seventh child saved himself by coming out of the water.
  • Resident villagers of Khoksar came rushing to the spot of the incident on hearing about the same.


Investigation on the drowning:

The collector of the district after investigating on the matter of drowning of kids expressed that a lot of water had collected at a particular area and beneath this collected water was an open tank. The little children jumped into the tank without sensing its depth and its shallowness.

Compensation to the family of the deceased by the district collector:

Compensation worth 50,000 INR has been announced by the District collector for each of the families of the deceased children.

Deceased children cremated:

The children who passed away by way of drowning, their last rites were performed in the evening. These six kids also included a girl.

Floods lashing out - People instructed to move to safer and high lying areas – Army helps

  • Southeastern parts of the state of Rajasthan were drenched in heavy downpour. The district of Pali is absolutely in seizing of floods. Districts of Chittorgarh and Bhilwara have also experienced extreme rainfall.
  • The administrative officials of the district have instructed and guided people who are living in low surface areas to migrate to safer places for the time as the floods are lashing out. To help the people and provide relief, the army has also been called.
  • Low surface areas in Kota were submerged under water as about 2 lakh cusecs of water was released from the Kota Barrage. Dams which are there in the southeastern parts of Rajasthan were overflowing with water.

Dams nearing their water capacity – Submerged villages – Fear amongst people

  • District administration of Ajmer is also foreseeing to let open the gates of the Ana Sagar Lake as the water there was reaching its full capacity.
  • Rainfall of about 250mm to 300mm has been recorded and reported in the district of Pali, as expressed by the collector of Pali district, Mr. Kumar Pal.
  • People fear the crumple of the dam in the Bamanwas Tehsil of the district Sawai Madhopur. Villagers in the nearby area of Nayagaon have been relinquished from the area.
    People who have been left out are being helped to be rescued and be moved to safer places.
  • The collector Mr. Pal stated that dams that have been built across the river Bandi are filled with water up to their edge.
    Low lying areas in Jodhpur have submerged under water up to 3 feet.
  • The water in the reservoir of river Palki has reached it’s full.

Army helps:

Army official Lieutenant Colonel Mr. Manish Ojha stated that there was a request made by the state government for seeking the help of the army in flood relief. In light of the same, an army line was sent to Pali and another one to Chittorgarh.

In the city of Bhilwara about 65 people were people were salvaged from the floods in the previous 24 hours.

Schools shut down:

Wall of Bigor dam flooded nearby villages with its overflowing water. Due to a disastrous situation of flooding, schools have shut down in Jahajpur, Bijoliya and Mandalgarh.


Distributing food to the needy:

Causing a disturbance in life of the residents of the state, district administration came forward to cater to the necessity of food, thereby by distributing food packets to the affected people.

Traffic affected due to heavy downpour:

The traffic has been disrupted on the Jodhpur - Pali highway.

Trains affected due to heavy downpour:

Trains on the route of Jodhpur to Pali have been cancelled.
An official of the Jodhpur division of the North West Railways, Mr. Gopal Sharma stated that 14 trains were cancelled and 9 trains were terminated before reaching their final destination.




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