Kamla Bai Charitable Trust, Jaipur: Eliminating social differences

Kamla Bai Charitable Trust: A brief

There are countless people in the society who do not get to avail the basic services and amenities that are required to lead a standard life.
Service to the masses, women empowerment and help, spreading awareness about child education, organising cleanliness drives, helping the needy people and other like social activities was and is the aim of a social group which was formed in April 2016.
In a short span of time, the group has catered to many such social issues and has catered to social stigmas and has reduced these problems.
Such is the belief of the working members of the group named ‘Kamla Bai Charitable Trust’. The group and its members are residents of the Jaipur city and are based in Hinglaj Nagar B-colony in Vaishali Nagar.

Kamla Bai

Members of the ‘Kamla Bai Charitable Trust’ believe that on grounds of spreading awareness among the masses and on educating them about these needs, the trust members have done a lot of social tasks. Whenever the trust finds anyone in need, the trust members immediately rush for help.

Growing members in the Kamla Bai Charitable Trust:

When the trust marked on the commencement of its journey, there were merely 7 people associated with the group. At present there are more than 250 members associated with the trust.
The trust maintains relations with not only Jaipur and but also has positive relations with many areas in the Jaipur city and also areas in Haryana.

Commencement of trust activities by Bhagwad Katha:

After the formation of the ‘Kamla Bai Charitable Trust’, its activities commenced by way of an event of ‘Bhagwad Katha’. ‘Bhagwad Katha’as may be known is an event that goes on for as long as a week. This was organized in the Indraprastha colony in the month of April. ‘Jhaankiyan’, a religious performance was also organized in this. People in a huge number visited and experienced the joy of the event.

Educating girl child:

Members of the trust expressed that the group is playing an efficient role in catering towards educating the girl child. 10 girls are studying on account of the trust as the trust had taken up the charge of educating them.
Apart from the stationery, uniform etc of these girls, the trust is also helping the girls financially.
The girls will also be supported and aided in every way possible to pursue higher education.

Kamla Bai Charitable Trust active on social media:

The trust to spread awareness to the masses is also active on the social media platform. The trust runs a page on the website of Facebook and also has a group accommodating all its members on WhatsApp.
Updates are posted on both these platforms.

Homogenous mix of people who meet twice a month:

The trust is a home to business class people, service class people and all other categories of people. Members of the group actively meet each other on and for various activities that the trust organizes.
To plan for policies and organize events, the members of the trust meet twice a month.
Every year the team of core working members changes so as to bring about changes and newness of ideas and concepts into the trust.


Feeding the hungry:

The trust began an initiative by the name ‘Niwala’ to help feed the hungry. Under this initiative, the trust members visit the SMS (Sawai Mansingh) hospital on a daily basis and feed about 100 members and more on an everyday basis.
This initiative has been ongoing since the month of July.
The trust also plans on being regular and plan to keep up with this initiative.
They also plan to visit other similar government hospitals in the Jaipur city and feed the needy.

The team of the core members:

  • Founder – Devendra Kumar Sharma
  • President – Santosh Kumar Sharma
  • Secretary – Madan Choudhary
  • Cultural Secretary – Indrajeet Sharma


Cleanliness drives:

The trust along with its members organized a cleanliness drive at the Sindhi Camp Bus Station in the Jaipur city. It took 4 hours for the team to clean the area absolutely and turn it into a sparkling clean place.
Such cleanliness drives have been organized on a similar note in areas like Jharkhand Mode, Sirsi Road, etc.

Tree plantation drives:

A tree plantation drive was organized at Nangal Siras with the onset of the monsoon season. The drive was initiated from the Ganesh temple.
More than 60 plants were planted in this patch of land. Minawala Public School, Nursery Park etc are areas where tree plantation took place too.
This practice of tree plantation drives at various parts in the Jaipur city has been an ongoing process since then.

Installing Parinde for birds:

250 water pots have been kept for the birds to quench them of their thirst.
These water pots were specially designed and were equipped with two partitions. One part was to keep the grain for the birds and the other for keeping water.
These water pots have been kept in areas of the Jaipur city like Vidhyadhar Nagar, Dhaka Nagar, Khatipura, Jhotwara, Jharkhand Mahadev Temple, Nangal Siras, Girnar colony etc.

Medical camps – free services – check up – operations – distributing medicines

Medical camps have also been established by the trust. A free medical checkup, provision of medicines was done for more than 400 people. Eye camps were organized in areas like Mohanpura and Dhaka Nagar. About 400 people came forward to get their eyes tested. 30 people got their eyes operated and 210 were provided with spectacles.


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