Jaipur biker Ravi Verma rides for the Indian Army

Young energetic blood in the nation lover Ravi Verma: A Jaipur boy sets forth a solo bike ride to spread love to the Indian Army

A young biker from the city of Jaipur is all set and has begun his expedition for bike riding all by himself. The expedition that this young and energetic bike rider will take will be all across the nation. Ravi Verma, the national enthusiast has a plan to collect Thank you messages and or notes from the residents of the country and give it to the men and Indian Army officials who are posted at Leh.

Ravi, who’s filled with the enthusiasm to showcase the amount of love that the residents of the country hold within their hearts and the amount of thankfulness that they hold within themselves for the Indian Army, Ravi is taking up the chance to deliver this love to the army officials who are on duty protecting the nations’ borders.

Bike ride commenced on India’s 70th Independence Day:

On the eve of India celebrating its 70th Independence Day, Ravi set forth for his bike ride and will cover an approximate of 23000 kilometers which cover all the 29 states in India and he will also ride past the 5 Union Territories of the country.

We owe our safe life and lifestyle to the Indian Army officers:

Before the young bike riding enthusiast set forth for his ride, he expressed that the Army and its officers who are on duty all round the day and all round the year have a noteworthy role in protecting and saving the lives of the common man who rests back at home in a safe manner.
We all rely on the army officers for our safety and protection. It’s them who give up their comforts and step out of it to help us live in a safe country.
Living in remote areas is what they choose above the comfort of their own homes.

Idea of spreading love by watching a documentary:

The wise idea of taking up the bike-ride-and-collecting-and-delivering-thank-you-messages-to-the-Indian-Army-officers struck to Ravi when he was watching a documentary on the television in the previous year (read 2015).
The documentary was a display of the life and happenings of the soldiers posted at the LOC.
This is when Ravi made a decision of taking up this initiative.


Solo bike ride idea to collect and spread love struck last year: Completing it this year, why?

Fortune did not strike well and Ravi met with an accident and was advised for bed rest for a period of 6 months straight. Ravi had planned to take this ride on the Independence Day in the previous year only (2015).
Accident and the bed rest did not dampen Ravi’s hopes and idea. Ravi was adamant to take this bike ride and so he did.

Collecting messages over the social media platform:

To commence and put some potential into this thought idea, Ravi began to collect these Thank you messages from the people of the country over social media.

Will visit every nook and corner of the country to find love:

Present year and present Independence Day eve, Ravi has decided to visit every capital city in a state, visit the major cities of the country and collect as many Thank you messages and notes as he can from the city residents.
In the cities, Ravi is arranging to go and visit the schools, colleges and local people too. He wishes to encourage youngsters to also be enthusiastic and have a brave heart and join the Indian Army.
Ravi as a child also wanted to join the Indian Army, but for some personal obligations and issues he could not achieve his dream.

Collecting notes and messages from fellow bike riders and biking groups:

Ravi will also meet different biking groups and bikers like his own self and collect Thank you messages from them too. Ravi states that he has been in contact with a few schools and colleges where he will systematize interactive sessions with the young kids and share his thoughts with them.

Make a documentary on his ride and experience:

He plans to make a documentary of this entire ride and capture the essence and experience of it

Crossing Srinagar: A city of commotion

The young national fanatic with the hopes of spreading national love will cross Srinagar too. It is known that there is a lot of turmoil at present there, Ravi despite of all this plans to cross the area to collect messages.
On being acquaint with this thought, Ravi stated that he is ready to face any kind of difficulties and challenges to undertake this bike ride.
He says he has few friends who are bikers in the same region and that they will guide him in light of crossing that area.

India, a safe country for taking solo bike rides:

Ravi expresses that it is quite safe in India to take solo biking trips. He himself has undertaken two solo bike rides, one of them being Jaipur to Goa. He also went to Uttarakhand lately.
He vouches for all this from his very own personal experience.

Kind and helpful are the people of the country:

He says that people in the places he has been are really cooperative and are ready to provide help in any manner they can to the visitors.

A positive attitude and behaviour, that’s the key to achieving everything in your life:

Ravi adds on further and expresses that having a positive attitude and behaviour lets you surpass any kind of obstacle in your life.


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