What do Celebs have to Say about Rajasthani Hospitality?

“You can learn a lot from Rajasthan, especially how to treat your guests”, say Divyanka and Vivek, who recently were here for a mini-vacation.

Television soap actress Divyanka Tripathi recently got hitched with her beau Vivek Dahiya. The couple was in the princely state of Rajasthan for a mini vacation in celebration of their post nuptial days. Having secured a lovely mini break from their jam-packed television shoots for a couple of days, the couple straight headed to the city of lakes-Udaipur. Udaipur enthralled the newlywed couple as both were in awe of the monuments and heritage places they visited. The city has impressed the couple beyond their already set expectations and has swayed them with its captivating aura and beauty.

Post wedding work and now a vacation

Divyanka Tripathi, the actress for the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein that airs on the channel Star Plus expressed that immediately after their wedding, she and her beau resorted to their work and acting for their own shows. She further added on and expressed that both of them had been planning since a very long time to go on a mini vacay but work hardly allowed them to spare some time for themselves and take a few days off. The couple has managed to finally find some time for themselves and they decided to head to the beautiful Udaipur city.

Another reason for visiting Udaipur

Divyanka Tripathi expressed another reason for why the couple chose to come down to the city of lakes. She had heard about a renowned Ayurvedic doctor (वैध्य) who is very fine with his skills for treating ailments related to the spinal cord. Mrs. Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya shared that she is suffering from a major slip disc issue and hence this is also one of the reasons of her visit to the Udaipur city.  Accompanied with her husband, she is delighted to exclaim that this will be a vacay too for them.


Helpful and warm hotel staff, hospitable nature and lots more

Vivek Dahiya expressed his feelings and stated that he felt like a jamai raja (son-in-law) for he received an utmost warm welcome and hospitality in the Udaipur city. He had previously heard tales about the warm hospitable nature of Rajasthan but experienced it first hand on his vacation for the first and the foremost time. Furthermore Mr. Vivek added that the hotel staff was very cordial and helpful. They made every arrangement possible to make them feel comfortable and make them feel at home. He quoted, “There is a lot that can be learnt from Udaipur and Rajasthan overall, especially on how to treat your guests.” On this note, Divyanka supplemented and said, “Udaipur is the best combination of beauty and hospitality. Everyone here is so respectful and sweet.”

Meeting helpers with different and unique names

Mr. Vivek had another interesting episode to share. They met a man named Mohabbat in Udaipur. Taking a boat ride in the acclaimed Fateh Sagar Lake, the rider of the boat was named Mohabbat. Mr. Vivek clicked a picture with him and posted it on his social media profile. Mrs. Divyanka expressed that they received the services of a butler named Khush Pal who always beared a great smile on his face. The security guard of Mr. and Mrs. Dahiya was named Chhatra Pal. It was for the very first time that the couple was meeting people with such interesting names.

राजस्थानी दाल बाटी चूरमा

On reaching the hotel premises back at the city of Udaipur, Ms. Divyanka Tripathi ordered Rajasthan's very own specialty the Dal Baati Churma. She expressed her love for the dish by quoting “I love Dal Baati Churma. It's delicious. Every time I come to Rajasthan, I make sure that I order it. Her husband Mr. Vivek tried the dish this for the very first time and he loved the taste too.

Taking back some food delicacies to her own city

Ms. Divyanka Tripathi requested the hotel staff to pack some churma for the couple so that they could carry it back to their home in Mumbai and savour the taste of it back at their home.


Rajasthan film industry, movies, acting, awards and more

On speaking about doing Rajasthani movies, Ms. Divyanka expressed that she has previously acted in a Rajasthani movie named Chundri Odhasi Mahro Bir. She is open to further act and work in other Rajasthani movies if she is approached with a good script. The television actress stated that she had received the award for the best actress in a film festival that was organised in the city of Jaipur. She also spoke about the wretched condition of the Rajasthani Film Industry. She expressed that there is a dire need for good scripts and investors in the Rajasthani Film Industry. At present she said, Bollywood is reigning and has taken over every regional film industry.

Filling in personal marital details, such bliss

Ms. Divyanka expressed that she was requested to fill a guest form while she was making a check-in at the hotel. She expressed that it was for the very first time that she filling in her anniversary date in a form. “Only married couples can understand the feeling. My life has changed for good ­ I've got a companion and a friend forever”, this is what the television actress had to add. Mr. Vivek said that it’s about `us' and not `me' now. Mr. Vivek’s friends now don't just ask him as to how he is; he is also asked about his wife. This gives happiness and pleasure to Mr. Vivek.



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