With an inception of YouTube based production houses like All India Bakchod and TVF Total Viral Fever came the craziness for the online video content. Watching content online has become very easy for people, thanks to the whooping speed of the data provided by different networks. After a hit of solo vloggings of BB ki Vines, Mallika Dua’s make-up didi, and other YouTubers, the YouTube based production houses have introduced this new term called “Web-series”.

The concept of Web-series came into picture some two years back and today this concept is trending in the lives of many people. The concept of web-series has already given a lot of writers and production enthusiasts a platform to showcase their talent.

When someone talks about a web-series there are a few names that come to our mind – The Trip, TVF Pitchers, Baked, Bang Baja Bride, Shaadi Boys and the list continues. To add one more name to your list of favourite web-series, Jaipur based production house, Stoned House Films has come up with a brand new web-series.

We recently met two of the members of Stoned House Films (Ankit Sharma and Amar Pratap) at Tea Tradition, Mansarovar and learned a lot about their debut web-series, Here’s Another Story.

Image Source – Stoned House Films

City of Jaipur: So, tell us a bit about Stoned House Films? How did you guys start it?

Ankit Sharma (SHF): We started with this project called “Here’s Another Story” which is a web-series that will be premiered on our YouTube Channel in September. I had this notion in my mind about the story and the plot-line. So, I wrote the story and started looking for people to work with on this project. And then I met a few people who were really very interested in the project, now all those people are an integral Part of Stoned House Films.

City of Jaipur: What influenced you to start this amazing initiative and when did you realise that you guys have this creative bend?

Ankit Sharma (SHF): We just wanted to do something really very creative in our lives – something that could make all of us really very happy. When I was discussing this project with fellow members of Stoned House Films, we all unanimously thought that this is one of the best projects on which we can work. With the making of this web-series, we never realised how big we became, it just happened that way.

Image Source – Stoned House Films

City of Jaipur: I have seen the trailer of your upcoming web-series "Here's Another Story" and it looks pretty interesting. Can you tell our readers a bit about what the web series is all about?

Ankit Sharma (SHF): The web series is all about different lives of four writers, not their professional lives but their personal lives. With this web-series we want to break the cliché about writers. This series will show that all the four writers are normal; they are fun to be around. It is a perfect Humour – Drama.


City of Jaipur: How easy or tough was it for you guys to film the web series in Jaipur?

Ankit Sharma and Amar Pratap (SHF): Well, the journey was a mix of both easy and tough experiences. It was easy because it’s not Delhi or Mumbai where you always have to seek permission from some authority to shoot in any part of the city. We just used to pick up our equipment and start shooting any day or night anywhere. And it was difficult because we have only a few resources here in Jaipur. We always had to go to Delhi to get some of our equipment and that way shoot used to get delayed.

But overall it was easy for each one of us to shoot here in Jaipur because we know this city very well. Also, people were very supportive here – at least they were not looking in the camera while shooting.

City of Jaipur: What has been the biggest challenge in this journey of becoming YouTubers?

Ankit Sharma and Amar Pratap (SHF): We are not a YouTuber to be very honest. We just have this channel called SHF Experimental where we experiment everything and anything. We just don’t care about how people will react to it. It is just that we want to do and we are doing that.

City of Jaipur: What are your future projects?

Ankit Sharma and Amar Pratap (SHF): We have a lot of projects in mind but we are not going to implement them any sooner because there is a lot of work that needs to be done with the post production of Here’s Another Story. We will be so occupied with all the post production work and marking of the web-series that we will premiere the first episode of the Here’s Another Story in September.

We have a lot of big projects that we want to do. As of now, we will be working on the sketch videos right after this web – series that would be one of the creative things for us to work upon.

Image Source – Stoned House Films

City of Jaipur: Any tips that you would like to share with people who wish to start their YouTube page?

Ankit Sharma and Amar Pratap (SHF): You can not keep your dreams on hold. Do whatever you want to do and do it as soon as possible. After all ‘It’s better to say oops than what if”.

Image Source – Stoned House Films

A Sneak Peek into the Story

Here’s Another Story is a story of four writer who are totally different from one another. The web-series focuses on the personal lives of all the four writers, not professional lives. The story breaks many stereotypes about the writers and showcases that writers can be normal like every other working people, they can be fun to be around, and they also have monetary requirements. The trailer of the web – series, Here’s Another Story captures a lot about the essence of the web-series. You can watch the trailer of the web – series posted above.

Check out the poster of the web-series, Here’s Another Story, which is yet to be premiered in September.


Here’s Another Story is the debut web-series produced by the Jaipur-based production house Stoned House Films. The cast of the web-series is Nishant Kumarwho is playing the role of Nasser, Pooja Chauhan playing Arya Malik, Abhimanyu Pangnani playing Oren, and Sharvagya Shastri playing Ronit.

The web-series is produced by Amar Pratap and cinematography is done by Akash Bhaliya under the directions of Kartik GoranaThe web – series is written by Ankit Sharma.

We wish team Stoned House Films, a very best of luck for their endeavor and web – series. You can follow the production house on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube!


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