Govind Devji Temple: The Place Where The Beloved God of Jaipurites Resides

The grand temple of Govind Devji was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh II during the year 1735. The golden ceiling of the temple looks really great. Its position allowed a direct view from Chandra Mahal that enabled the Maharaja to have the divine view of his beloved God. 

The Temple was built to respectfully place the idol of the eighth incarnation of Lord Shri Krishna. It is believed that the idol looks exactly the same as the Lord Shri Krishna when he was incarnated.

Lord Chaitanya Maharabhu ji was the greatest devotee of the God and had read various scriptures. He wanted to visit the holy place that finds mention in one of the Hindu scriptures, Bhagvat Mahapurana. Then 2 more devotees of greatest order Shri Roop Goswamiji and Shri Sanatan Goswamiji also went to that sacred place. The place is today known as Vrindavan. Due to their unflinching devotion the God revealed himself to Roop Goswamiji at Goma Mandir.

What is the story behind the Temple?

The Muslim ruler Aurangzeb was against Hindu practices. Many Hindu temples were destroyed and idols of God were damaged. It was during this time that the lord came in his dream and instructed the Maharaja to save the idol from getting destroyed by keeping it in his own residence. The Maharaja reserved his palace Surya Mahal for setting the idol of Lord Krishna in the form of Govind Devji. As instructed in his dream, the founder of Jaipur city, Maharaja Jai Singh II brought the idol of Govind Devji to one of his palaces that is known as Surya Mahal. It was that time when religious fanaticism was at its highest.

Does it have any Mythological Connections? 

A mythological tale says that the Great Grandson of Lord Krishna sculpted an idol of Lord Govind Devji with his own hands. The idol was sculpted as per the physical and facial description of Krishna depicted by his grandmother. Bajranabh was only 13 years old when he sculpted the image. The boy tried to sculpt the idol twice but each time the grandmother rejected the idol on accounts of differences with the real figure of the lord. Finally, the third time the Bajranabh sculpted an idol that looked exactly like Lord Krishna.  This idol was named after him 'Bajrakrit' that translates to 'created by Braj'.

The Govind Devji temple is a delight to the eyes of all devotees of Lord Krishna. It witnesses a lively atmosphere throughout the year. However during the birthday of the Lord Krishna, Janmashtmi, the atmosphere of the temple seems exactly like a scene straight from heaven. The detailed celebration of Janmashtmi begins with various delicacies, singing and dancing. There is one more celebration called matkifod.

Did You Know? 

  • The grand temple has a very impressive spiritual ambience and the devotees immersed in devotion further add to the overall experience.
  • It is renowned for the world's widest RCC Flat Roof Construction that has a single span of 119 feet.
  • The largest display of oil lamps consisting of 21,075 lamps and was organised by Dainik Bhaskar to commemorate the death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi at Satsang Hall of Govind Devji temple, on 30th January 2016.

  • The beautiful chandeliers were especially procured from Europe and many Indian art paintings.

  • The founder of Jaipur City Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh used to live in Suraj Mahal and one day he saw a strange dream. Suraj Mahal was situated between Badal and Chandra Mahal. He saw a dream that made him realise that the place where the Maharaja was residing was actually meant for Lord Govind and he should immediately leave the place. Next day the religious Raja left the precincts of Suraj Mahal.

  • The idol was transferred from Vrindavan Temple on the request of Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh.

How to Reach

From Airport

Via Cab or Auto

  • Distance from airport is 11.9 km via Jawahar Lal Naharu Marg (via JLN Marg).
  • Cab or auto will take 30 - 35 min for reach Govind Dev Ji Temple.
  • Charges for one side is approx. for auto Rs. 100 – 150 Indian rupee.
  • Charges for one side is approx. for auto Rs. 130 – 160 Indian rupee.

Via Public Transportation

  • Bus service is available for Govind Dev Ji Temple.
  • You will take auto and reach Jawahar Circle, than after that from Jawahar circle you will take bus AC-2 towards Joshi Marg, it will drop you at Badi Chopad from there 500m (15 minutes walking distance of Govind Dev ji),
  • It will take more than 1 hour,
  • For Tickets & Information - +91 141 223 3509

From Railway Station

Via Cab or Auto

  • Distance from railway station is 4.2 km (via Station Road).
  • Cab or auto will take 15-20 for reach Govind Dev Ji Temple.
  • Charges for one side is approx. for auto Rs. 80 - 110 Indian rupee.
  • Charges for one side is approx. for cab Rs. 110 - 130 Indian rupee

Via Public Transportation

  • Bus service is available for Govind Dev Ji Temple.
  • You will reach Station Circle, than after that from Station Circle you will take bus Mini Bustowards Galta Gate, it will drop you at Tripolia Bazar from there 450 m (15 minutes walking distance),
  • It will take 20-25 minutes.

Parking Information

  • Parking available
  • Charges – 20 to 30 Indian rupee per bike or car
  • Contact info – 0141-2619413

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