The blend of basic colors, the bold designs, the caricatured embroideries, embellished with that Rajasthani feel, where the Indian craftsmen and artisans design and slog themselves to get that thing perfect!

Jaipur, the pink city apart from being famous for its huge forts, the beautiful palaces, the rich delicious food, the magnificent jewelry, is also famous for its rugs and razais. It really goes without saying that people all over the world need that comfort of the warm blankets, which we call razai in Hindi.

These fluffy duvets (razai) are really popular in many places like Europe, Central and South America. In the past, artisans and craftsmen used to use the conventional labour intensive techniques to manufacture theses popular Jaipur Razai. Let’s browse through many different kinds of Jaipur Razai, which doesn’t back down ever in attracting the attention of its customers.

1. The Hand Block Printed Quilts

This one really holds immense attraction because of its utter softness, the smooth textures, the beautiful designs and the bright shades of colours. Its vibrancy just attracts the customers and turns them into regular customers and users of the Razai made here.

How is it Made?

The artisans use traditional textile making skills including cotton carding, quilting and cotton voile making. The cotton carding is the process of preparation of the blanket by filling cotton. This technique resorts to in the making of Jaipur Razai ensures to keep the cotton filling light and fluffier so as to make the quilt warmer and cozier.

2. Reversible Jaipur Razai

There is another interesting option here in Jaipur Razai and that is the ‘reversible’ one. This really incites the customers to buy it because its durability and the fact that they have got two sides to use. So, reversing the side makes you feel like you have a brand new razai offering the same coziness and warmth but a different design or pattern.

3. Vibrant Motifs

Jaipur Razai is available in many designer designs and motifs, which just make them look even more appealing. Some razais come with beautiful embroidery woven on them while others have block-printed figures on it. Every design tells a new story and attracts different kinds of people. Jaipur has razai patterns to suit every taste such great is the variety.

4. Jaipur Print Razai

This one has traditional Jaipuri prints that are undoubtedly beautiful and glorious. These Jaipuri prints include floral points, animal prints, especially elephant prints, leaf patterns, forest thematic prints and many more, all of which are popular amongst the people here as well as outsiders who want to take Jaipur razai home. This Jaipur Print Razai is known for its sheer comfort, the beautiful patterns and the magnificent beauty.

5. Sanganeri Print Razai

Sanganeri Prints are again comprises of beauteous patterns and elegant motifs, one of a kind. And the warmth and comfort is no less than the Jaipuri print ones. They too attract a lot of customers.

6. Rajasthani Quilt

Razai is the word taken from the Rajasthani name of quilt or else call it a blanket. This one is known for it solid textures, the Rajasthani feel of the desert state and its dark hued shades that are just fantastic.

7. Jaipur Mughal Print Razai

This razai as the name suggests is known for its Mughalai prints. It is one of the royal razais or blankets found in Jaipur. You can easily look for Jaipur Mughal Print Razai at shops lined up in Tripolia Bazaar, Johari Bazaar and other city markets, which have ample of them. These often incite a burning curiosity in customers and they are entranced by its sheer beauty.

8. Soft Embossed Blanket

This one, as the name suggests has this sheer softness, the smoothness, which soothes you in your sleep and you feel just amazing when you have them on during your sleep. This one has all the attributes of a ‘comfortable’ blanket like smoothness, soothing feel, relaxation and the soft textures.

9. Supercool Blanket

This one is the warmest of them all. Because of its extra filling of the wool which really keeps you warm in the child weathers and winters. Plus this one has all its softness and smooth textures along with the heavy filling of the wool.

Some Shops in Jaipur to Shop for Jaipur Razai

1. Miya Bajaj Jaipur Razai Emporium, Shop No. 55, Hawa Mahal Bazar, Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302002

2. Jaipuri Razai, C3/230, Radha Krishna Marg, Chitrakoot Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302021

3. Laxmi Textiles, Shop-68, Opp. Jain Mandir, SMS Highway, Chaura Rasta, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302003

Jaipur Razai has immense scope for customer satisfaction and it really attracts locals, domestic travelers as well as people from foreign countries and everywhere. It adds to the charm of your home décor and brings out your hidden interior designer side when you choose the patterns and colours that would best go with your room and look really soothing!


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