Heat Getting Fiercer Everyday

With mercury rising to 42.9 degrees, most of the areas in Jaipur seemed deserted on Monday, especially during the afternoon. However the fiercest form of the weather was seen in Falaudi area of the region where the temperature touched the record figure of 48 degrees.

On the other hand the sky showered relief in the form of rain the hadoti district including Udaipur. It was second consecutive day of raining in Udaipur. However the city experienced heat wave till the afternoon and it rained only for 10-15 minutes. Other regions where it rained were Chittorgarh, Pratapgarh and Baraan. Hailstorm was also observed in these 3 regions.

The people of Mokhampura region of Bhilwara also observed hailstorm. The regions of Jodhpur, Barmer and Jaisalmer took the brunt of weather with temperature rising to approx. 45 degrees. However the night temperature registered a significant dip with maximum temperature at 27.3 degrees

By 10' O clock the hot dusty air made it difficult for the people to come out of the house. It specially affected the working people who had no option but to brave the heat waves while going to their workplace. The scorching heat compelled the people to remain indoors till 5” O clock and even the shops in busy markets of walled city were seen deserted. It was around 8” O clock in the night that the temperature took a dip and people came out of the house, most of them heading straight to street parks to get some cool air.

People also went to grocery and vegetable market. It brought a sigh of relief to shopkeepers who were disappointed by lack of customers throughout the day. According to the weather department the heat is not going to offer any relief anytime soon and the temperature on Tuesday is expected to reach 42 degree maximum and 28 degree minimum.

Here are the temperatures as noted in different regions of the state


























According to Dr. Narpatsingh Rathore, a weather specialist in Udaipur, the Kerala is going to experience pre-monsoon rains soon and it will also affect other states of the country. They will observe pre monsoon rain by 30th may.

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