Several Pensioners Recorded Dead in Government Records

Pension money: A brief into the government acts and suffering of the pensioners

The government is in a state of astonishment as results have been shown to them that say that people who are living and are alive, they have been declared as passed away (not alive/dead) in the government records and the pension for such people has been discontinued.

Ordering new surveys for eligible pensioners:

  • Department of सामाजिक न्याय एवं अधिकारिता विभाग has ordered for fresh surveys for about 10 lakh people in the country, the pension of whom had been brought to an halt.
  • Out of these 10 lakh people, pension for people has been stopped for about 2.95 lakh people on account of them being declared as having passed away.
  • Thousands of people, men and women have been found to be alive and their pension has been still brought to a close.
  • Director of the सामाजिक न्याय एवं अधिकारिता विभाग, Mr. Ravi Jain has asked for the fresh collected data and report from the district collectors in a period of 15 days.
  • Main secretary Mr. O.P. Meena called for a meeting of the senior officials.

Conditions within the state of Rajasthan:

  • State government of Rajasthan has declared 3 lakh people as having passed away and has brought their pension to a close.
  • Out of this 3 lakh people, 1 lakh people are alive and have been put under the list of passed away category.
  • These people are not receiving their pension from the past 10 months.
  • When door to door investigation was organized, the data collected was astonishing. About 60 thousand and more women and 40 thousand and more men were found to be alive.
  • These people have been facing obstructions and hindrances of all sorts and means to declare themselves as alive and claim their pension, of which they are the real owners.
  • 95 lakh people have been declared as not alive anymore and on account of having being passed away, their pension has been stopped by the सामाजिक न्याय एवं अधिकारिता विभाग.
  • Death of about 2.90 lakh of people occurs in Rajasthan due to illness, accidents and other like cases.

Mix categories of pensioners:

Another naked truth which has been faced with recently is that there are 68 lakh people in the state who comprise of widows, old age people and handicapped which are eligible to receive pension but out of these the pension of 10 lakh people is on hold.

Pension started for:

After the publishing of all the news in the media, the pension for 975 people has been on track again.

The mandatory rule to file a re-request in a period of 90 days has been changed and it is no more mandatory to do the same.

Report filing to be done for the officers at fault:

Reports will be filed against the officials who have been indulged into this shaming act of declaring people not alive anymore in the documents and paper work. Reports for the same have been asked for within a period of 5 days.

Disgraceful behaviour of the government and its local bodies:

  • When the local Panchayat and district officers were asked for this gap, their answer was outrageous – “You have been categorized under the list of people who are not alive anymore. How will pension be given to you?”
  • Cases have been reported where people have themselves had a one on one conversation with officers’ proving that they are alive and they deserve to receive their pension, but nonetheless again they were simply put with the response that the documents say you are not alive anymore, we cannot help you.

The number of people in each district who have been declared as not alive anymore and their pension has been stopped:


Number of people



























Saving pension money – dishonorable act by the government

Government in an attempt to save the outflow of money in the form of pension has declared more than 1 lakh of people as not alive in documentation form. This is not a matter of small casualty. The pension has been stopped for people and such people are extremely poor in their life.

Pension arrears must be paid:

Showing concern, the pension along with the arrears of it must be given to the people who are the owners of it. Cases must be filed against the people who were in fault in such matters.
-Shankar Singh, social worker

Case of an old age woman pensioner:

Belonging to the Mandpiya village of the Bhilwara district, a woman aged 85 years is another casualty whose pension has been brought to a stop from past 9 months. On meeting with the officers, she was informed that you have been declared as dead in the documents and you are not entitled to receive pension any more. She has been meeting the officials to prove that she hasn’t passed away and she is still alive.

For people who have queries regarding the halt in their pension or any other queries regarding their pension, helpline numbers have been provided:

+91- 9928302969



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