Reliance launches Reliance JIO 4G services in India

Owner of the Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) Mr. Mukesh Ambani has announced the launch of his telecom company JIO under his Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) Group. The services of JIO, the 4G services to be exact are going to commence and operate from September 5, 2016. These services shall remain free for usage for the next coming four months commencing from September 5, 2016, this decoded as implies that the services of JIO 4G data calling will be free for usage up to December 31, 2016.
From the next year, that is January 2017, the user of JIO services will only be charged for the data services. Voice calls including calls that take place when one is on a roaming mode (when a user travels outside his state boundaries) shall remain free for the lifetime.

Rates slashed down heavily:

The data services plan for Reliance JIO services are beginning from an extremely nominal rate that is the user will be charged 50 INR for a 1GB of data service pack.

Annual General Meeting and announcements and promises made:

In the Annual General Meeting (AGM) that Mr. Mukesh Ambani took in which he delivered a speech that lasted for 90 minutes, Mr. Ambani made a keynote of the word JIO 169 times. Mr. Mukesh strongly promises that in the telecom sector, India is going to rank amongst the top 10 countries.


Market shares, prices take a heavy fall of other leading competitor telecom service providers:

There has been a drastic fall in the share market and share ratio of other competent telecom service providers in the market after the launching of the concept of JIO services. A fall of about 11% has been recorded and observed in the shares of prominent and ruling telecom companies like Airtel, Idea and Reliance Communications. The market for these companies has fallen by 16997 crores INR. A fall of 11932 crores INR and 3709 crores INR has been recorded for Airtel and Idea respectively. Shares of Mukesh Ambani’s own company have also dipped down by 3%. After the launch of JIO services, a war for data services has been prevailing in the market between the telecom service providers.

Competitor telecom service provider companies to slash down their rates in competition for survival:

 It is being said and estimated that the top 3 contender and player companies in India in the telecom sector, that are Airtel, Idea and Vodafone are also planning to slash down their tariff and data rates.

Karlo Duniya Mutthi Mein – Reliance’s motto year’s back:

It is known that Reliance was the company which had the objective and foresight of reaching out to every individual in the country, even a little child. They reached out to the people of the country with their slogan ‘Karlo Duniya Mutthi Mein’. In the year 2003, Reliance gave away a free connection along with a handset that was of a price as low and as reasonable as 501 INR.

Revolutionizing and gearing up for Datagiri:

Mukesh Ambani went on in his speech and added that from September 5, 2016, a revolution is going to set its feet in the country. The revolution will be for data services. Indians have been forward when it comes to Gandhigiri, but it’s about time now we switch to Datagiri. The JIO network and its services has been planned to reach out to 90% of the population of the country within a period of 7 months.

Details and insight into Reliance JIO services:

Calls from the JIO network will be free to any and every other telecom service network. Separate charges will be levied and will have to be borne by a user if he/she is making an international call.

Postpaid and prepaid service both will be made available on the JIO network service. JIO services will support IP based calling and data will be separately charged for voice calling.

You can get your Reliance Jio sim card from any of the Reliance Jio Stores in Jaipur.



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