Quarantine Days at Pink City | What’s after lockdown?

Hope we don’t have to introduce you to Coronavirus or also known as Covid-19, and the outbreak of this pandemic disease. This is an infectious disease that is caused by the virus corona. This is believed to spread across the world beginning right from china, where it was initially discovered. This transmits from one person to another through the droplets of the infected person.


The spread was so adverse and quick that to save the citizens of India, respected PM Modi has announced a lockdown of the country. Yes! One of the tourists favourite places, Jaipur, the pink city is now locked down for a minimum of 21 days from 24th of March 2020.


People are asked to put a complete halt to any kind of movements in and around the city. And, the police are requested to maintain the same around the city. Such a drastic step has taken all the people by a sudden shock leading to panic buying.


Now, that the quarantine period is announced for 21 days, people are pondering what to do at this time. So, here are some things you can do:


  1. Be safe

The first thing to do right now at this time is to stay safe. Follow some simple steps to stay safe and save your family as well.

    1. Wash your hands regularly. As the reports say that this virus can stay alive on our hands for ten minutes, it is advised to wash your hands as frequently as you can.
    2. Stay at home only. Do not socialize. This not only saves you from getting infected but also stops the chain of transmitting the virus to others as well.
    3. Keep sanitizing yourself and maintain clean surroundings. Maintain cleanliness as much as you can to avoid falling sick and fight better against this virus.


  1. Stay healthy

The next thing is you got an opportunity to maintain your health and repair it. So, follow the below tips to stay healthy.

    1. Drink more water, preferably warm and eat only homemade warm food.
    2. Detox your body from junk. And work on improving your strength and immunity.
    3. Play with your kids, or practice dance, zumba, etc to keep your body moving.


  1. Improve yourself

Due to the lockdown, you have plenty of time for yourself at home. Invest it in developing a better you version.

    1. Learn a new skill or bring back an old hobby you left due to lack of time.
    2. Practice meditation and know your inner self for more peace.
    3. Read more books and utilize this time to gain more knowledge.


These things not only make you strong and immune but will also save you from the boredom caused due to social distancing. Follow these tips to support the city, state and country to fight back with this coronavirus and indeed win the war over this pandemic disease.


The government is not leaving any stone unturned in making this quarantine period hassle-free for everyone. It has taken measures to provide door delivery for essentials like groceries, medicines, vegetables and such. Also, the patrolling parties are making sure that everyone stays inside their houses and avoid social gatherings. This is giving earth a time to heal, and people to pause in their lives and live more moments with family. Hope this brings good news and a healthier country after the completion of this quarantine period.

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