Interesting Stories of Jaipur

Discover the untold tales of Jaipur city, its past, old running businesses, unchanged areas in the city, about what the city used to look like years ago and much more. This is a section that will bring you closer to the city and its best kept secrets. So check these interesting age-old tales and know your Jaipur more!
Jaipur city is famous worldwide for offering the variety of flavours of food. One such lip-smacking food is the pav bhaji by Pandit Pav Bhaji. Here we…

60 years old story of Maharaja College of Jaipur and the kind of craze its students had for sports that time.

During the times of kings and rulers, there existed a ‘Chowki’ at the Khatipura Tiraha, which was famed as ‘Shikar Khane ki Chowki’.

You must have visited or at least heard of the Jharkhand Mahadev temple in Jaipur. Here we share the story behind its unique architectural style.

Here is the story of the development of Jaipur and the expansion of Jaipur city beyond the walled city area.

Jaipur Rugs, which started in the year 1978, has been a leading manufacturer of the famous Jaipur rugs and an inspiration to all others in the busines…

Maharaja Madho Singh of Jaipur went to London in 1902 for the crowning of a British King and carried holy water of Ganga with him there.

Today we are sharing the story of Gulab Ji Chaiwala – Jaipur ki Famous Chai, the best tea in Jaipur. Let’s see how it all started and what’s so specia…

On the 289th Foundation Day of Jaipur, we bring you a collection of some interesting tales about the city and the way it’s been changing since its fou…

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