Jaipur for Kids

Everyone says this, “Nothing is better than a kid’s enthusiasm and curiosity”. One can always find a kid crawling, trying but never giving up. That one year old child has such a spirit and it’s contagious.

All the kids have a surmountable amount of energy, fun and great enthusiasm for doing things in life. They want to jump, try new things, and travel to distances. In short, they want to taste life.


Jaipur city, which is called the Pink City, has a massive amount of such amazing and fun adventurous things which can cater to the curiosity of your child and make it a heart thumping experience, ranging from the video games, throw ball, car racing, rock climbing and many variety sports which will really give a great ultimatum to their energetic selves.

Let’s browse some of those fun activities which can sets a ball of fire rolling in your children’s stomach with oozing energy-

1. The Amusement Parks

The roller costar and water rides are the favorites of everyone. Even the adults discover their kid side again when they see the big slides and really fun roller coaster rides. The roller cluster rides makes you go crazy with happiness and fun feelings thumping inside you.

the pink pearl

The places in Jaipur which can provide you with this kind of fun are-

  1. The Pink Pearl(Water Park)
  2. Apu Ghar
  3. The Fun Gaon

2. The Gaming Sessions


Game involving a range of activities such as basketball, car racing, bowling, video games, etc. can really put a big smile on your kid’s face. The places in Jaipur which provide gaming facilities for your kids are -

  • The Crystal Palm Mall (CP)
  • The GT Central
  • The Triton Mall

3. Let’s Get Frozen Up!

snow planet

The Snow Planet at GT central really energizes you, amazes you with the cold temperature like you are in Ice land and the fun activities it provides, make your kid the happiest human on earth.

4. The Fun Adventurous Games

the Tao

Fun and adventurous sports require a little strength and courage; be it jumping from the cliff, riding a big car on the desert sands or something else. In Jaipur, you can offer your kids a wide range of exciting adventurous sports at The Tao Experiences. The kind of games that can be enjoyed here include –

  • The Zorba Ball
  • The Zip Line
  • The Bungee Elastic Run

5. Elephant and Camel Rides with Other Fun Activities


Go and take your kid to these amazing places which have a Rajasthani feel about them with camel and elephant rides, puppet shows, the kalbelia dance, the appetizing delicious Rajasthani food and many more such fun activities which will get you rolling with fun laughter all day. The one place for all this is Chokhi Dhani.

6. Forts and Palaces


Amaze your kids with the big palaces and the massive forts which were built million years ago. The one thing the kids love to indulge into is stories. Well, it’s rather different from the bedtime stories, but its hell interesting to hear tales of the Kings and the Queens of Jaipur city. The forts and palaces which you can make them visit are-

  • The Hawa Mahal
  • The Amber Fort
  • The Nahargarh Fort
  • The Jal Mahal
  • The Jantar Mantar
  • The Albert Hall

7. A trip to the Zoo


Of course, how can one not take their children to the zoo? This is the most happening and ‘must to go’ places to entertain your children and the same time, enlighten them with nature. The Zoo is like the most amazing memory of the lifetime, which always takes you back to your own childhood!

8. Indulge the Kids in many Mind and Fun Activities


Make them join the summer camps and many other hobby activities like dancing, painting, photography, which will rejuvenate their young spirits. Examples of such activities are-

  • Join a photography class
  • Craft and handmade activities
  • Best out of waste
  • Dancing
  • Calligraphy classes
  • Theatre
  • Swimming classes

The Jaipur city has a tremendous amount of places which can get your kid really happy and smiling like laughing Buddha! Go get the child beating with this new found energy and fun times in the Jaipur city!


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