Jaipur to Witness A Grand Science Event

By the end of this year, Jaipur is going to witness one of the mega science events that would be attended by the most prominent scientists of the country. In All India Conference for Science Centre India, the scientists will discuss on topics like the complexities of Science, associating common men with science and improving the condition of science centres and museums.

When and Where?

The conference will be organized in Regional Science Centre and Science Park of Shastri Nagar. The conference will start on 9 December and by 31st July 2016 the Science Centre will send formal invitation to various science centres of India. Till now, 15 Science Conferences have been held in the country.

The Matters to be Discussed

The senior scientists will thoroughly discuss on the key matters related to science like availability and quality of science museums, centre and libraries in the country and the important steps required to improve the situation. The scientists will also focus on the best and interesting ways in which the common people can be connected with science and technology.

Another key point of discussion will be making science interesting and easily comprehensible as complex nature of science is the main factor for creating a gap between the common man and science. Apart from that the scientists would try to find new ways for enhancing science related education and communication.

One of the suggestions involve, directly associating science innovation and working with a common person in a way that it attracts his attention. The scientists will also discuss on Corpus Fund Range for development of science centres. Science centres will try to find new ideas for making them environment-friendly by adopting green practices.

The conference will also involve:

Idea Exchange: For thorough sharing of knowledge

Views: For giving voice to one's thoughts related to the various science related factors of key importance

Professional Information: To share the exact import of one's vast experience with other scientists that would help them to widen their scope

Science Show: In which interesting science related documentaries would be presented in an impressive format

Live Demonstration and Presentations: To practically demonstrate the practical applicability of one's scientific knowledge and share one’s ideas

The Chief Guest will be A S Manekar, who is the director General of National Council Science Museum.

The ‘Star’ Value

The conference will also be attended by expert astronomers of the country, who will discuss about planet activities, modernization of planetarium and even future predictions of key astronomical incidences. The main objective of the conference is to share professional knowledge to increase the network.

Kailash Mishra, Curator Regional Science Centre and Science Park said that the responsibility of the conference has been given to Regional Science Centre of Jaipur. The conference will be attended by the personnel of science centres and museum. Nation's 100 science centres will take part in the conference.

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By the end of this year, Jaipur is going to witness a Mega Science event at the Regional Science Centre and Science Park, Shastri Nagar, Jaipur.