Coworking Spaces in Jaipur - Changing Work Culture

The number of youth workforce is increasing worldwide, resulting in changes in the working style of multinational companies. Multinationals like Google and Facebook have brought significant changes to their office ambience so as to ensure that youngsters enjoy working there. This is for the company’s own benefit as people are likely to give better outputs and be more productive if they are comfortable with the work space and culture. Being inspired from these big names, working culture in the city of Jaipur is also changing with the introduction of coworking spaces in Jaipur.

Now in Jaipur, you can find offices that believe in providing utmost leisure, comfort and flexibility to their employees. You can work sitting at your work desk or lie down with a laptop on your lap, enjoy coffee and take some rounds around the office, while completing your assignments for the day. There are not much restrictions and yet more productive results. Many offices in the city also organise rejuvenation and fun activities from time to time.

CoWorking Spaces in Jaipur

Another emerging trend in the city of Jaipur is the concept of coworking spaces. Coworking spaces allow freelancers’ groups, corporates, different startups, entrepreneurs, companies, organisations and independent professionals to work together in a shared, communal setting. These are becoming popular worldwide because of being more affordable, allowing instant networking opportunities (especially to startups and independent professionals) and helping build friendships.

Homes, flats, apartments and commercial spaces, in areas like Lal Kothi, C-Scheme, Sitapura, Mansarovar, Bapu Nagar, Malviya Nagar and Vaishali Nagar, are getting converted into coworking spaces in the pinkcity. These work spaces are well-equipped with all necessary technical and non-technical facilities to create an impressive/comfortable work environment.

Kritika Parwal: Coworking Spaces Boost Networking

Kritika Parwal owns a coworking space named ‘Thinkspace Jaipur’ in C-Scheme, Jaipur. She says that the concept of coworking spaces originated in the US. It then started receiving acceptance worldwide. In today’s scenario, where Jaipur is emerging as a startup hub, there is a requirement of office spaces, which are affordable yet well-equipped. This need has given rise to coworking spaces in the Pink City as well.

Kritika reveals that 5 startups are working at her owned coworking space in C Scheme. Most of them are youngsters who practice complete freedom about the way they work. Startups usually have small teams initially, which is why setting up individual offices turns out to be too costly for them. Along with reducing the office costs, coworking spaces prove beneficial in building collaborations and keeping the team motivated as well. Moreover, you get the flexibility of taking up the space for a day, a week or a month (which reduces the risk factor to great extent).

Rishabh Garg: Coworking Spaces are a Relief from the Typical Office Environment

Rishabh Garg owns a coworking space in Lal Kothi. He believes that the concept of coworking spaces is a relief from the typical office environment. In most offices, you are likely to witness a gap between the boss and the employees. But coworking spaces put an end to the typical cabin culture. This concept helps in bridging the gap between office hierarchies and enhances involvement and communication between all.

The interiors of his owned coworking space in Lal Kothi has been designed creatively so as to make entrepreneurs and other professionals feel good. Creative work spaces also add to the motivational factor.

In all, the new trend of creatively designed coworking spaces in the city is expected to bring significant changes to Jaipur’s work culture.

‘The Happier the Professionals, the Better the Outputs’

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The introduction of coworking spaces in Jaipur marks the changing work culture in the pink city. Along with the emerging trend of coworking spaces, several offices are now offering utmost leisure and comfort to their employees as well.