Jaipur City | A destination for the expanding Food Tourism

The enthusiasm for food tourism is on a high in present times. Traditional food and dishes are equally welcomed by Indians as well as the tourists. With the summer season progressing and into full swing, the trend for traditional food and food tourism industry is soaring sky high.

In India, many a tour operators are offering differential and custom food tour packages to its esteemed clients which is demanded and further also loved by the tourists.

India as a country is acclaimed for its rich, unique and different food culture all over the country. The primary idea behind food tourism is to give a boost to the local food culture. With deep insights into the food and food habits, cooking styles, food history etc. the idea remains to familiarise the tourists with the local food culture.

Cooking classes for the tourists:

In various parts of the country, cooking classes for tourists are being methodized so that not only the tourists can get to eat and taste the delicacies of the Indian food but also learn the itsy-bitsy tips for cooking food.

Jaipur as a city also organises such type of cooking classes wherein the food tour package includes travelling as well as learning to cook food. These tours are for a duration of 7 days.

Food Tour & Food Travellers:

Food travelling as a broad concept has taken a conceptualised meaning of food walk which is highly prevalent in big cities of the country. Under this concept only, tour operators make the tourists visit popular food joints of the city. This food walk is much loved by the tourists for it gives them an opportunity to taste and savour local street food as well as traditional food. Selling of the local food items is a means of earning for the local residents of the city too.

Food tourism is trending at an extremely rapid speed. Places like France, Cambodia, Spain, Italy, Cambodia, Vietnam, Mexico and California are destinations for food travellers as these places give a reflectance of traditional food, its history and culture.

It is said that the taste of the dishes of these destinations is lip-smacking.

Theme based tours:

Certain tour operators are organising theme based food tour packages. For instance: Mumbai-Jaipur-Agra culinary tour, Delhi-Jaipur-Agra culinary tour etc. Food tours are filled with a variety of fun and thrilling activities.

India has places where apart from the scenic beauty, the place has a rich and diverse food culture. Goa as an example is highly renowned for traditional dishes of Konkani, Malvani and Portuguese food. Jaipur as a city is also highly recognised for sweet dishes along with spicy gatte ki sabzi.

Food Festivals:

To grab the attention and increase the visit of the tourists, a couple of food festivals are organised in present times. Eg: Food Truck Festival was organised in Mumbai. The festival had a display of local food and royal traditional dishes.

Top food destinations of the country:


The local food for this place has a unique and a subtle charm attached to it. Food is served on banana leaves, which is a traditional ritual here.


The food here contains just a tad bit amount of sweetness in about every dish. Dal Vada and Chola Puri is a favourite amongst the tourists.


The street food of this city is famous. Keeping in light the pyaaz ki kachori, kulfi, tandoori tikka and the creamy lassi. The sweet dishes of this city are highly loved by the tourists.


Kebabs and paani puri of the Nizam city and the prominent biryani. BIRYANI. Yes.


Punjab has its own delicacies when it comes to food. Paranthas and Amritsari Kulcha. Jalebi and thick lassi is also a speciality of this place.


Tunde Kebab and Chai Samosa are highly famous from this place.


Vada Pao and Chaat stealing away the heart of the tourists.


Spicy Jhaal Muri and Pani Puri is quite famous. Apart from this, Bengali food culture is prevalent here which is quite rich in itself.


Goa is the party capital of the country and is popular for its traditional food culture. Sea food of this place leaves the tourists wanting for more.


Chandni Chowk serves you dishes like nowhere else. Chole samose, dahi bhalle, pani puri, papdi chaat etc, are quite popular amongst the people.


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