Small Ideas, Big Success Stories – Startups from Villages

A number of startups are rising all across the city. Several youngsters are denying high-paying jobs, just to start their own venture and many of them are succeeding. At the same time, there are people belonging from small villages, who have been brought up in villages and have studied in villages, but even they are trying their hands on startups. A few of them are creating success stories from their small ideas. Let’s read a few such success stories.

Vinay Khandelwal’s startup providing medical equipment

Vinay Khandelwal belongs to the small town of Manohar Thana in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan. He did his 12th from a government school in the same town. After that he came to Jaipur for his graduation – B.Pharm. He had never thought of running up a startup but then, one idea motivated him to step into his startup journey.

2 years back, his aunt had to undergo an operation for cancer treatment. That time, he faced the problem of lack of medical equipment. Buying them is of no use in the long-term. So now, Vinay’s startup helps in providing the needed equipment to patients’ families in the time of need.

Ajeet’s organic farming venture

Ajeet Sugreev belongs to Panerpur village of Maharashtra’s Solapur district. He has completed his studies from Maharashtra Board. Today, Ajeet is involved in organic farming in Bassi. He supplies his organic food in Jaipur. He aims to share his knowledge about organic farming to other people. He is also providing space to people who have knowledge about organic farming, in his business. It was book reading that brought him towards organic farming.

Harshit’s web portal to help students

Harshit Nagar belongs to a small town named Eklera. He is weak in Mathematics due to lack of proper guidance. When he came to Alwar for his graduation, he faced several backs in the first year examination results itself. It was then that he worked really hard to improve his academics and finally completed his graduation. Today, Harshit’s web portal website acts as an online learning platform for engineering students and it helps them to study. His web portal has an annual turnover of 15 lakh rupees.


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A number of startups are rising all across the city. Even people belonging to small villages are building success stories with their startups.